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No one takes the daily protection of real estate professionals more seriously than CRES. For over 20 years, we’ve been helping real estate agents and firms reduce liability and claims risk with our Real Estate E&O + ClaimPrevent® insurance services.  We continue to be the industry innovator — with our included Legal Advice Hotline and diverse coverage options — because we think you deserve more extensive protection and claim prevention services.

Here’s what a few of our customers have shared about their CRES experience . . .

“It’s with great honor that I send you this overdue letter of commendation for the services JS Realty has received since placing our policy with Samantha J. at CRES Insurance. The due diligence that we received and are receiving has simply been unparalleled.

We have consistently found Risk Management both helpful and responsive. The attorney we have spoken with the most has been Edward McCutchan and the advice we have received from him has not only made our job as Realtors/Broker/Agent easier but has significantly reduced liability. In a fast moving society we forget to acknowledge those who have made a difference solving everyday problems.”
~ Most Grateful, Jerome S. & Andrew C. San Diego, CA

“The CRES Risk Management service has been an invaluable service to our brokerage. On occasion when we encounter complicated legal issues with client and contracts, we’ve been able to contact the CRES Risk Management Hotline for advice. They’ve been extremely responsive, and follow up on the conversation with an email to document the topic discussed. We have also used CAR Legal hotline through the state of California, however the CRES Hotline has had a much faster response time and they’re willing to put their advice in writing, so there’s no miscommunication. I also appreciate the special legal training seminars that they have provided to our office agents.  It’s one of the major benefits and a reason why we continue to have our policy with CRES.”
Paul K. – Palm Springs, CA

“Thank you so much. CRES Risk Management has made my experience a lot less painful than it could have been. I received the support and guidance promised, and will continue to use CRES as my E&O provider for years to come.”
Karen S. – Mechanicsville, VA

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“The assistance I received from Edward McCutchan [a CRES Risk Management Attorney] and further in the past, Robert Sunderland [a CRES Risk Management Attorney], has been phenomenal.  I am a big fan of the CRES Risk Management service.
Tim T. – San Diego, CA

“I’ve worked with CRES for more than 10 years to protect my business and wouldn’t work with anyone else…”
Doug M., Owner, Real Estate Firm

“I have been using CRES Insurance services since 2009 and have been happy with the services provided. I appreciate their willingness to find discounts for me upon renewal and the Risk Management Hotline is also helpful when I need a quick response from an attorney looking out for my best interests.”
David K. – Santa Cruz, CA

“I just want to let you know what a great job Edward McCutchan [a CRES Risk Management Attorney] did at the seminar. We greatly appreciate you for putting this class together and thank you very much to the attorney Edward McCutchan. The seminar was very informative with many good points and advice given. Thank you!
Denise M. – Oakland, CA

“Thank you for coming to our office and hosting the Risk Management seminar. It was a huge success! I hope we can do this again.”
Diane C. – The Woodlands, TX

“CRES has turned out to be more of a partner in our real estate business than just our E&O insurance company. When we anticipate that there may be a problem, we give them a call, and they’re quick to respond on how to proceed. Responsive, friendly customer service, risk management classes for agents, and home warranty programs for Sellers, CRES understands the real estate business. “
Kathy Z. – Naples, FL

“Unfortunately, I have had a claim filed against my business but the attorneys at CRES  were so responsive and professional.”
Mike T., with Cherry Creek Properties LLC Office – Colorado

“First and foremost, Ruby and I are very satisfied choosing CRES Insurance and the excellent service we receive. There are many thanks for the professional service we have received from Edward [Edward McCutchan, a CRES Risk Management Attorney]. This relationship has been an incredible value to us and to our company. Thank you for all you do and your professionalism. Rob [Robert Sunderland, a CRES Risk Management Attorney], I think I can honestly say there is no attorney like you.”
Philip B. – Los Angeles, CA

“I switched to CRES because they provided the most coverage for the best price and meet all state requirements.”
Teresa L., The Peak Properties Group – Colorado

“While most claim situations are confrontational and upsetting, the two CRES Risk Management attorneys were tremendously professional and very level-headed. I am very sorry this had to happen, but extremely happy that they were there to help us. So from one very hard working Realtor® to two very skillful professionals I thank you very much.”
Pete M., Broker/Owner REMAX Properties  – Singer Island, FL

“I switched to CRES 2 years ago because their coverage was better and they were less expensive than the state program. It just made sense.”
Sandra V., Real Estate Agent – Denver, CO

“Thank you to Bob Cooper [a CRES Customer Account Executive] for his amazing service. After 9 years, I moved my E&O insurance to CRES because of him. Your clear and easy to understand forms were also very helpful. Shopping for E&O insurance after being with the same provider for so long was pretty challenging. And I’ve never had a claim! Bob cut through some of the other clutter I found elsewhere during my quote process. I believe that if I ever did have a claim, I am with the right firm. I am very impressed. Thanks!”
Kimberly D. with Lilac Nest Inc. – San Diego, CA

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