Showings and Open Houses

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How to “Steer” Clear of Fair Housing Act Violations

One of the keys to help prevent Fair Housing Act lawsuits is to avoid “steering”. The Federal Fair Housing Act prohibits discrimination in housing sales, rentals, and financing, based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, family make up (if there are children), and disability. You should note that some states have enacted laws thatRead More

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Should Your Client Use Amazon Key for Real Estate Showings?

Amazon Key allows delivery people to enter a home to place packages inside.  The app is now expanding to new uses—including home showings. What effect will Amazon Key have on real estate agents? What do you need to know about Amazon Key if your clients use it? Here are the risks to know before youRead More

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What to Do When the Tenant Will Not Allow Access During Your Listing?

Do you know what to do when a property is listed for sale with a tenant on the property and the tenant refuses to cooperate with requests for open houses and viewings by interested buyers? As the real estate agent, there are steps you and your seller client can take to help address and avoidRead More

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The Benefits and Risks of Home Video Surveillance When Selling a Property

Many homes these days have surveillance equipment ranging from high-tech motion detector and video cameras to so-called “nanny-cams.” Not surprisingly, home sellers use such equipment either to protect their belongings during open houses and showings or to gain information concerning buyers’ reactions to their homes. A prominently displayed surveillance system and/or conspicuous signs alerting visitorsRead More

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Real Estate Crime is on the Rise: How to protect yourself and your clients

“Stranger danger” is not just for kids anymore. It applies to you, your coworkers, and your clients. The real estate industry has seen a lot of crime through the years, and sadly the rates are increasing. Because the nature of the business is constantly meeting new people in new locations, crime is a part ofRead More

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Slips, Bites and Crashes: Are you covered for mishaps at your open houses and showings?

Open houses are great. You can reach a wide audience of potential buyers in a short amount of time, hopefully leading to a sale. But did you know that open houses, as well as showings, can also be fraught with risks? Simply put, humans are to blame. In the barely-controlled chaos that is an openRead More

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10 Open House Red Flags You Must Address

Open houses are a great way to show off a home’s excellent selling points to a large audience in a short amount of time.  But what if potential buyers see (or smell) something that makes them turn and run? What red flags are they, and their agent, looking for? We have compiled a list ofRead More

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