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3 Ways to Be More Productive and Hit Your Goals

As real estate professionals, goals play a crucial role in our success. Use these tips to help reach, or exceed your goals.   It Starts with You “You cannot pour from an empty cup.” It means that you cannot be your most productive self and hit your goals, if you don’t first take care ofRead More

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Recruiting the right real estate agents: Where they are and how to get them

You have to be aggressive to find great talent. Placing an ad on Monster or any other job search site isn’t going to filter out the good recruits from the bad. You have to do the research and even cold call to find the professionals that will best fit your firm. In other words, youRead More

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Realtor® University is Now Accredited: Is it worth it?

With everything that it takes to be a successful real estate professional, it’s surprising that up until now there hasn’t been a Master’s degree eligible for the profession. Real estate professionals come from a variety of educational backgrounds. Some have learned everything on the job, with little to no formal education. Others surprise you withRead More

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Smarter Prospecting: How to get better results

Prospecting is a unique blend of skill, intuition, preparation, fate and detective work. It is the lifeblood of any real estate career. Some say it’s all about cold calling or that social media has eclipsed traditional prospecting methods. Prospecting services will try to convince you that purchasing contact lists is the best way to go.Read More

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Real Estate Selling Points and Hot Buttons: Logic vs Emotion

Real estate is a highly unique product. No two buyers are identical and neither are the buying situations. And while we can and do ask the client all the right questions about wants and needs, buyers can still baffle us when they reach a decision. This is because the decision to buy isn’t always basedRead More

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Top 10 Home Features Real Estate Prospects Praise

Every buyer is different. Young buyers want trends, older buyers might want turnkey, and first time buyers want a bargain. But while tastes, needs, wants, and desires vary by demographic, there are some elements that all homebuyers want. We have the top ten home features that buyers will be looking for in 2016. Find listings thatRead More

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Your Master Plan for Buyer and Seller Open House Follow Up

You will encounter four distinct groups of people to follow up with at open houses: The Looky-loos: Unqualified ‘buyers’ who have no idea what they want, how much they want to spend, or a legitimate timeframe. The Neighbors: While they may not want to buy the house, they may want to be your next client.Read More

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Spring Home Sales: What’s Trending in 2016

Real estate is one of the most fascinating market segments in this country. Market trends can be affected by everything from oil prices, to crime rates, to the seasons. So what’s happening this spring? What can we reasonably expect in 2016? The Experts According to, Spring 2016 is shaping up to be the bestRead More

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Top 7 Characteristics of Successful Real Estate Professionals

There’s an abundance of books and websites dedicated to the perfect formula for success. Some business gurus focus on networking, others claim daily habits are the way, and even more that insist on complicated formulas, charts and lofty quarterly goals. There are even some that claim you can ‘think’ your way to success. The varietyRead More

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Team: There’s More Than a Name To Consider When Deciding Where To Hang Your License

For newly minted real estate professionals, the decision to join a firm or go it alone isn’t always up to you. Many states require that new realtors spend time in a firm before you can fully go out on your own. While some agents choose to go on their own the minute they have metRead More

As the selling Realtor®, your buyers discovered some problems with the house after closing. Learn 4 steps to deal w… RT @GreaterTexoma: Why Real Estate Pros Need an Office Environment Though technology enables agents to work entirely remotely, there may be…