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7 Tips to Keep Your Agents Motivated During Slow Sales Periods

Real estate is a bustling and busy industry, but sometimes slow sales periods happen. How can you keep your team motivated during quieter times? Here are 7 tips to ensure your team doesn’t take their foot off the gas.  Run The Numbers Slower sales periods are the perfect time to review agent performance and lookRead More

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What to Know About Selling A Seasonal Property

What is A Seasonal Property Typically a seasonal home is a holiday property — for which there’s a specific season where it’s popular. Beach homes, mountain cabins, cottages in high tourist areas all fit into this category. But, this discussion is equally applicable to other permanent homes in coastal, mountain or tourist areas. Understanding theRead More

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Making the Most of Slow Sales Quarters: How to use the extra time to prepare for what’s next

The first quarter of the year is traditionally the slowest in the real estate industry.  But you can use the time to assess and plan for success in the busy months ahead. It’s also a time to hit markets that are not your primary target during the majority of the year, such as rental properties.Read More

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Real Estate Selling Points and Hot Buttons: Logic vs Emotion

Real estate is a highly unique product. No two buyers are identical and neither are the buying situations. And while we can and do ask the client all the right questions about wants and needs, buyers can still baffle us when they reach a decision. This is because the decision to buy isn’t always basedRead More

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Top 10 Home Features Real Estate Prospects Praise

Every buyer is different. Young buyers want trends, older buyers might want turnkey, and first time buyers want a bargain. But while tastes, needs, wants, and desires vary by demographic, there are some elements that all homebuyers want. We have the top ten home features that buyers will be looking for in 2016. Find listings thatRead More

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How to Successfully Work with First-Time Homebuyers

Owning a home is still an American dream. Regardless of what has happened in the last 10 years with the real estate bubble and subsequent financial crisis, Americans still dream of owning their own home. For first-time homebuyers, that dream is especially alive and well. It is a purchase that comes fueled with emotions, rangingRead More

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Home Warranties: Do they Really Help Sell Homes?

A home warranty can be exactly what either the buyer or seller needs to get a deal done, but sometimes the absence of one could be overlooked. How do you know when a home warranty is in the cards? If it’s a new home, it’s essential. If it’s an older home with issues, it mightRead More

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Unlocking Your First Impression with Real Estate Clients

Your parents were right: you only get one chance to make a first impression. It takes just seven seconds for a person to size up and judge another. And once that first impression is made, it can be very hard to change that person’s mind. So how do you get it right? How do youRead More

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Are you ready for the Millennial Surge?

Real estate agents are placed in a particularly challenging environment on a daily basis.  Agents are asked to simultaneously serve virtually every market demographic. As a result, you may be overlooking a key demographic to your future, Millennials.  Why will Millennials be critical to you over the next decade?  Do you understand the wants andRead More

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