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CRES Risk Management Webinar: Possible Pitfalls of Real Estate Whisper Listings

Given the current Seller’s market and scarcity of homes for sale, office- exclusive listings (also called whisper listings) have become a more common occurrence.  In this situation, a broker/agent takes a listing with a buyer in mind, so the property is never advertised to the general public via the MLS and/or other public sources.   ThisRead More

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CRES Risk Management Webinar: Preventing Claims in this Hot Real Estate Seller’s Market – Part 1 (Colorado)

In many markets right now, there’s a limited amount of inventory and a surging demand for property. In this “hot seller’s market” with fast-moving properties, real estate professionals face increased risks.  In this webinar, attorney Jim Meseck, from White and Steele, and Dave Miller, who manages the CRES Advantage Home Warranty Program, discuss how realRead More

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How to Support New and Inexperienced Real Estate Agents to Minimize Risk Exposure

In 2020, 17% of all REALTORS® had less than one year of experience, according to the National Association of REALTORS®. You have to start somewhere, and recruiting and training inexperienced staff can be beneficial for real estate brokers. Inexperienced agents have a clean slate and are usually eager to learn your methods. You have theRead More

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Avoid Being Sued for Discrimination by Carefully Following the Fair Housing Act Standards in All Real Estate Advertisements

Realtors®, property managers and leasing agents: you can inadvertently and unintentionally become liable for racial discrimination if you aren’t careful in  advertising for housing, whether in MLS or other publications.      What you may not know about ads and Fair Housing The Fair Housing Act makes housing discrimination based upon race illegal.  You may not realizeRead More

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6 Compliance Items to Review to Protect Your Real Estate Brokerage This Year

Now that 2021 is well underway, it’s a good time to review any risks and vulnerabilities within your business. Here are 6 things that every broker should review to protect your real estate business: 1. ADA Compliance for Websites A website is a valuable asset for any broker or real estate professional. But, do youRead More

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Top 10 Mistakes Real Estate Agents Make That Leave Them Vulnerable to a Lawsuit

As a real estate professional, you want to do everything you can to  minimize your risk and protect yourself from potential lawsuits. Here are the Top 10 mistakes real estate agents make that leave them vulnerable to a lawsuit. Check out our tips to  avoid them.  Failure to get everything in writing  It’s essential toRead More

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CRES Risk Management Webinar: Understanding Obligations and E&O Issues for Real Estate Brokers

In this webinar, Mark Carlson, attorney from Carlson Law Group and Dave Miller, Regional Vice-President with Fidelity National Home Warranty, discuss real estate broker obligations. They provide valuable insight into what brokers can do to help manage your business risk while supporting your team, especially your new agents. And they also cover the ramifications ofRead More

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Disclaimers, Waivers and COVID-Related Clauses in Real Estate Contracts — How to Minimize Your Risk as a Broker

As COVID-19 continues to impact the world, it also continues to make its mark on the real estate industry across our nation. Many “business as usual” activities, such as open houses and home inspections, are increasingly risky in a COVID environment. Brokers now need to not only be great leaders in a challenging sales environmentRead More

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How to Handle a Real Estate Buyer with a Criminal Background

You’re the listing agent, and your seller gets a cash offer $2000 over asking price. Nobody has signed anything yet, but your client is pretty happy! And then the seller does a search on the buyer and discovers what appears to be a criminal background in another state. The seller has concerns for their neighborsRead More

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Selling Real Estate in ‘Qualified Opportunity Zones’ — Tips and Risks

The Qualified Opportunity Zones Program was introduced with the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The program aims to boost economic growth to disadvantaged and ‘economically distressed’ communities. It does this through providing valuable opportunities for real estate investment, development and tax incentives for investments in specific areas designated as Qualified Opportunity Zones (QOZs).  WhatRead More

What Covid-19 driven changes will continue to affect your real estate business in a post-pandemic world? Cluttered homes can look bad, smell bad, and hide a number of problems and risks. What do you need to know to sell…