Protect Yourself with Reliable Appraiser E&O Coverage + ClaimPrevent®

Sellers always think their house is worth more, and buyers always think they paid too much. As the appraiser, you’re stuck in the middle. That’s why you need E&O insurance.

Errors and Omissions Insurance Designed for Residential Appraisers

  • You Won’t be Penalized Because of Other Appraiser Mistakes
    Have you seen other companies raise appraiser E&O rates across the board, without looking at your particular claim history?  At CRES, your E&O is customized for your particular situation — to give you quality coverage at a low price.
  • Coverage You Need for $500,000 Protection
    We only insure Appraisers who specialize in residential properties, so you don’t pay to cover work you don’t perform.  Your E&O is customized for your specific risks — rather than a generic policy.  You’ll have coverage for:  Bodily injury and property damage, Discrimination (defense costs), Pollution/Mold, Subpoena assistance, Trial Expense reimbursement, Disciplinary proceedings reimbursement, Public Relations Advisory expenses, and Not-for-Profit Directors coverage.  In addition, you can add other options to further customize your policy.
  • Security of an “A” Rated, Admitted Carrier
    Our policies are backed by A.M. Best A-rated, admitted carriers.We pay millions in real estate E&O claims every year and are backed by one of the 20 largest P&C insurance companies in the world.
  • ClaimPrevent® Legal Services 7 Days a Week to Prevent Claims from Happening
    One way we keep rates low is by giving you access to local expert attorneys to support you BEFORE a problem ever turns into a claim.  When you have a question, need a letter written or a document reviewed, have a request from an AMC or a lender that makes you uncomfortable, or you’re involved in a disciplinary action, you’ll have expert help available 7 days a week.
  • Identity Theft Coverage
    Most states require that you inform your clients if their private information may have been compromised. This can occur if you lose your phone, have a laptop stolen, etc. We pay up to $5,000 to comply with the state required notifications.

Appraiser E&O Policy Details

  • $500,000 Limits included
  • $500,000 in Defense Costs (a separate limit)
  • Discrimination coverage to policy limits
  • $2,500 Retention (out-of-pocket claims expense limit)
  • Match Prior Acts (No 2008 Limitation) — you’re protected for prior transactions for as long as you’ve had continuous E&O coverage
  • Compliant with GSE and AMC requirements
  • No FDIC exclusion

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Qualifications for online quote and buy:  No claims or disciplinary actions in the last 5 years, and you appraise residential property only.
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