Protect Yourself with E&O Insurance Coverage Specifically Designed for Property Managers

Despite your hard work and dedication, sometimes there can be misunderstandings and disagreements with property owners and tenants.  That’s why you need Property Managers E&O + ClaimPrevent®.

Designed with the property manager in mind, CRES E&O gives you:

  • Broad Coverage Designed Specifically for Property Managers
    Your E&O policy is designed to protect you from the specific risks you face daily as a Property Manager.  Base coverage includes:  bodily injury and property damage, discrimination (defense), pollution, trial expense reimbursement, disciplinary proceedings reimbursement, public relations advice, subpoena assistance, not-for-profit directors coverage, and cyber liability.  This extensive coverage with higher limits than most generic policies gives you tremendous value for the protection.
  • Peace of Mind
    Our policies are backed by A.M. Best A-rated, admitted carriers in your state.  And you’ll work directly with the underwriter — CRES.
  • Customized Solution
    You choose your per-claim and overall policy limits, retention (out-of-pocket claims expense limit), and specific limits for individual coverages (if you choose to).  You can customize your policy for exactly the way you’d like it to work, and for the activities it covers, so you’ll only pay for what you need.
  • ClaimPrevent® Legal Advisory Services 7 Days a Week
    Our E&O policies include access to our on-call expert real estate attorneys.  You can rely on these experts — and no extra cost — to help you proactively resolve small issues before they turn into big problems.

Property Manager E&O Policy Details

  • $500,000 coverage limits
  • $2,500 Retention (out-of-pocket claims expense limit)
  • Coverage for both licensed and unlicensed property management activities
  • Available for residential and commercial property management
  • Coverage to policy limits for discrimination damages and defense (Optional in CA)

*Additional limits available for defense

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