4 reasons why California real estate brokers use CRES E&O 

Extensive Real Estate E&O Coverage, Seller’s E&O, Pre-Claim Legal Services

NEW! Per-Transaction Payment Option

Are you looking for every advantage you can have over other real estate offices? 

How about a unique package to attract more listings?

  • Seller’s E&O Protection Plan option protects your seller up to $25,000 (for legal fees and damages) for 6 months after closing, for unknown and undisclosed defects in the property. 
  • Building Permit History Reports (25 free each policy year) will show the presence of permits to buyers

When you’re representing buyers, providing a Building Permit History Report can really set you apart from other brokers. 

How about affordable payment plans — including Per-Transaction

CRES pioneered Per-Transaction pricing. And we have multiple payment options to spread out your payments over time.

Plus, you can reduce your out-of-pocket claims expense when you give a CRES Building Permit History Report to a buyer, or purchase a Qualified Home Warranty for your buyer or seller.

How about superior protection across more specific-to-real-estate areas?

CRES real estate E&O gives you the best value — by far — on the most extensive coverage customized specifically for real estate risks.

It’s not a generic policy used for other industries – CRES E&O is tailored specifically for real estate. And we’ll customize a policy to include the coverages you and your agents really need.

How about a partner that helps you prevent E&O claims and lawsuits?

CRES E&O + ClaimPrevent® includes pre-claim expert Legal Services 7 days a week. 

Our highly-experienced real estate litigators will write letters on your behalf, answer questions, review documents, and more.

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You choose your policy limits, retention (out-of-pocket claims expense limit), payment plan and the activities you need covered, so you’ll only pay for what you need.

California Real Estate Broker/Firm E&O Policy Details

  • Up to $3,000,000 in coverage
  • Covers your real estate company, employees, and agents
  • Payment options: fixed annual premium, 3- or 10-pay, or per-transaction payment plans available
  • Covers prior transactions for as long as you’ve maintained continuous E&O coverage with us or another E&O company. 
  • Includes coverage for Open Houses and Showings (for residential real estate)
  • Optional $25,000 Seller’s E&O Protection Plan

Are you looking for a California real estate E&O policy for an individual?

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* Seller’s E&O coverage amounts vary by program.   Seller’s E&O coverage and other benefits are feature based and warranty specific. Read each policy for a full comparison of coverage and benefits. All coverage is subject to Underwriting and other qualifications. The E&O Retention (Out-of-Pocket Claims Expense) Reduction applies to any real estate licensed Real Estate Services Council Risk Purchasing Group, LLC. (“RESCRPG”) member who personally pays for the Home Warranty Plan.  These benefits are offered by, and intended for, the members of RESCRPG. RESCRPG membership is part of your CRES E&O policy.  Not all warranties from our partners are eligible, only “CRES Qualified” warranties are guaranteed to provide these benefits. Not available in all states. Certain restrictions apply.

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