COVID Relief Funds

Now Available for Self-Employed
Real Estate Professionals - Up to $32,220


Apply by April 15 to Keep All

At CRES, our business is to protect yours. Part of that is to make sure you take advantage of tax-credits that might be missed. Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) is a tax-credit of up to $32,200 for missed work; not a loan, PPP or ERC. Previously it was only available to companies who paid sick/family leave time to their employees due to COVID, it’s now extended to the self-employed.  

Qualifications: You reported Self-Employment Income and any of the Following Occurred in 2020 and/or 2021
- You were subjected to a lockdown
- You had Covid or quarantined
- You tested for Covid or were vaccinated
- You had a child home from school due to lockdowns
- You cared for someone else who was sick or at-risk

You must have reported self-employment income in 2020 and/or 2021 because this tax-credit increases with income. A mix of self-employment and W-2 income can still qualify.

We have partnered with Ibantek to provide a completely online application process.  The IRS requires amended tax returns and the filing of FFCRA forms. They will pull your returns from the IRS, their CPA’s handle the paperwork, you e-sign and get a check directly from the IRS in 8-10 weeks. Unlike a CPA, there is a no-out-of-pocket option for their fees via PayPal.

FFCRA Calculator

A simple tool to estimate your potential credit.
* The total FFCRA Credit amount is based on the stated Net Income amount and assumes the maximum number of Sick Days and Family Care Days for 2020 and 2021.

How It Works

There are just a few quick and easy steps to claim the money you are legally entitled to —so let’s get started

Complete our online application

The process is simple and hassle-free, and you don't need to upload any documents. All you need to do is fill in the required fields with accurate information, and you're good to go

We'll calculate how much you're owed

Once you have completed step one, we will have enough information to calculate how much you are entitled to receive for your FFCRA Credit.

E-sign the docs & choose your fee structure

By electronically signing the documents your file will be automatically submitted for approval and funding. This is where you choose when you would like to pay the fee for receiving these funds.

We'll prepare & send your completed docs for approval

Once the documents have been completed, they will be sent for approval & processing. This ensures that all necessary paperwork is properly filled out and submitted accurately to streamline the process.

Get your tax credit directly via check or ACH deposit*

Automatically into your bank account in an ACH or via check ensuring that you receive your money quickly and hassle-free.

Funded - Sit back and wait for your money

You’ve completed all necessary steps and you’re just waiting for your money to arrive.

*If you do not have outstanding tax liabilities, you will receive funds directly! If you have outstanding tax liabilities,these tax credits will be used to offset them.

Frequently Asked Questions


YES!!!  But don’t take our word.  Go directly to the IRS page to read more about this program.  Here is their link with further information:

Who is qualified?

Any 1099 independent contractor, booth/suite renter, and self-employed individual may be qualified to receive FFCRA funds. To qualify, you must have filed a Schedule SE as part of your 2020 and/or 2021 1040 Tax Returns, which reports your self-employed income.

Can my spouse and I both apply if we are both self employed but file taxes jointly?

YES! If you both file a schedule SE, you can both file for the refund. However if all the income is reported under one person, only they will qualify for the refund.

How do I claim my FFCRA funds?

We have created an online and automated system for you to easily submit your claim directly with the federal government for these funds. You just need to have filed a Schedule SE as part of your 2020 and/or 2021 1040 tax returns (to verify your self-employed income) and have a driver's license or other official photographic ID (for purposes of verifying your identity).

How will I receive the funds?

Automatically into your bank account in an ACH or via check ensuring that you receive your money quickly and hassle-free. If you have outstanding tax liabilities these tax credits will be used to offset them.

How do the fees work?

To cover costs (which include actual CPAs calculating and preparing all of your filings with the IRS), there is a fee for the service. There are multiple payment options available and are always 100% transparent about the fees you’ll pay. (a) Pay Now - Pay at the time of filing. (b) Pay Later- Spread out our fee over several months via our partnership with PayPal.

Do I need to pay back the FFCRA funds I receive?

No. This is not a loan. These funds have been allocated to the FFCRA program by the federal government and will not need to be paid back.

Are there requirements for how FFCRA funds can be used?

No. FFCRA provides money for Self-Employed/Independent Contractors to be used without restrictions.