Claim and Pre-Claim Services

What should I do if I suspect a claim may happen?

Contact CRES ClaimPrevent® Hotline at 877-273-7467.  Our local expert real estate attorneys will work with you to help prevent the claim or reduce its size where possible. Once you’ve contacted our ClaimPrevent® risk management department about an issue or potential claim, it’s counted as incident reporting. Whenever you think there may be a claim againstRead More

What are hours of service for risk management lawyers?

Our risk management hotline is available seven days a week, 8:00 AM -5:00 PM Pacific Standard Time.  We’ll gather information on your situation and then have an experienced real estate defense attorney from your state contact you within four hours Monday through Friday. In certain states, we also have attorneys on call on weekends.  IfRead More

Who can I call for help with a dispute or claim?

Call the CRES Risk Management hotline at 877.273.7467 or claims at the number or email provided with your policy. You can get help 7 days a week.  Your attorney can answer your questions, write letters, review contracts and addenda, or guide you through a situation to help avoid an E&O claim or lawsuit. The CRESRead More

What is the process for resolving or settling a claim?

The claim will be fully investigated and settlement will be entered into, if warranted, with consent of the broker, per the policy terms.

How do I submit a claim?

Call 858.676.9854 or submit the demand letter or lawsuit to the email address provided in your policy. 

What should I do if a claim is filed against me?

Should you receive a written demand for money or services, you have an actual E&O claim.  Immediately contact claims at 858.676.9854 or the email address provided with your policy. When you are threatened with a claim, don’t panic — and don’t immediately reply.  Start gathering documents about the situation.  Discuss the situation only with your broker.Read More

What types of claims are not covered?

Those that don’t meet the definition of “made and reported” or are specifically excluded by the policy.  Review your policy documents to learn more.

What types of claims are covered?

Those that fall within and meet the terms of the grant of coverage.  Check your policy documents to learn more.

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