Who is CRES? When was the company founded and why?

CRES was founded in 1996 to protect real estate professionals nationwide with superior insurance solutions and proactive risk management.

Our founder, was Jim Allison, a real estate attorney who defended agents and brokers. He realized that a lot of little things could have been done upfront in real estate transactions to prevent problems. He started a prepaid legal program in California, and conducted seminars for real estate professionals. He was available by phone to answer questions, and advised clients about things they could do to reduce their risk.

He called his company Comprehensive Real Estate Services.

Another entrepreneur, Doug Campbell, had created a real estate Errors and Omissions insurance program.  Campbell and Allison got together to create a new category of Errors and Omissions insurance for real estate professionals nationwide — customized E&O insurance that includes legal services.

Comprehensive Real Estate Services was shortened to “CRES” and became CRES Insurance Services.  Their breakthrough product became CRES real estate E&O + ClaimPrevent®.

Campbell and Allison also created the industry’s first per-transaction payment plan More than 20+ years later, CRES innovations in real estate E&O continue to lead the industry.

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This blog/website is made available by CRES Insurance Services for educational purposes to give you general information and understanding of legal risks and insurance options, not to provide specific legal advice. This blog/website should not be used as a substitute for competent legal advice from a licensed professional attorney in your state. Claims examples are for illustrative purposes only. Read your policy for a complete description of what is covered and excluded.

Originally Published January 5, 2017

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