Louisiana Errors & Omissions

Deadline To Renew: January 1, 2014

Better Drivers Pay Less For Insurance,
Now Better Real Estate Agents Can Too.

LREC Minimum Coverage of $100k / $300k

Proof of coverage will be
immediately sent to LREC.


Includes: $1,000 deductible • Environmental Coverage • Claims Expense Outside Limits • First Dollar Defense  • Agent Owned Property • Agent Pre-Paid Legal Services • Prior Acts / Retro Date Coverage • Lockbox Coverage •  Megan’s Law • Franchise Coverage • Escrow Disputes


includes $7.00 LREC Fee

Low Cost Optional Coverage

Seller's E&O Coverage

Fair Housing / Discrimination Coverage

"Open House / Showings"
Bodily Injury and Property Damage

Increase Limits to $1mil. / $1mil. Liability

Property Management or Appraiser (each)

add $4

add $7

add $7

add $13

add $13

Since 1996, CRES has provided Errors & Omissions insurance for over 500,000 real estate professionals in Louisiana and across the country. We are known for our “best value” pricing, comprehensive coverage and outstanding customer service. We provide “A” rated E&O policies as well as legal risk management services, seller’s E&O protection plans and more.


All policies are guaranteed to meet the requirements of the Louisiana Real Estate Commission (LREC) and proof of coverage is automatically sent to the LREC. Our program is designed specifically for “low risk” real estate professionals – those that specialize in residential real estate and have had no claims or complaints in the past 5 years. As a result, we can offer you more coverage for less.

CRES provided the most coverage for the best price & meets the state requirements, so I switched to them.


- Teresa L., Real Estate Agent

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