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Comprehensive Cyber Liability Coverage to Protect Your Real Estate Business


Cyber liability is a serious threat. Don’t let it hurt your business.

A separate Comprehensive Cyber Liability policy can provide broader coverage for events like ransomware and wire fraud, including the actual transfer of money or security.  We’ll shop the top Cybersecurity insurance companies to find the broad coverage and low premium you need.

The Threat of Wire Transfer Fraud

Cyber attacks on real estate professionals are on the rise, particularly in the form of wire transfer fraud.

How is this happening? At least two main ways . . .

  1. Criminals are dropping flash drives with software viruses outside of real estate offices, hoping agents will plug them into their computers. The infected computer can then be hacked and the emails monitored.
  2. Criminals are also hacking email accounts of real estate firms, and/or licensees, and monitoring their sales activity.  They main gain access to your account when you click on an attachment, which loads a virus onto your computer (and potentially into your network).

Download our Cyber Scams flyer for helpful tips to reduce your risk.

Personal Data Compromise

In addition to wire fraud, fraudsters are gaining access to personal information of clients. States have different definitions of what is personal information, but it can be as little as a name and email or phone number.

What happens if personal data is compromised? There are notification and usually credit monitoring requirements, which can be costly. Worse, you are responsible for the laws in the state where the person resides, not your state laws.

Copyright Infringement

These claims are another threat. Agents using photos, previous inspections, or other copyrighted materials in their websites or advertising can result in demands up to $10,000.

Warn your agents to only use paid photos, not previous ones unless the photographer has given permission. Also, do not use downloaded photos of your city or other places. Many of the free-to-download photos are copyrighted and their owners scour the internet for websites using them without permission.

Get a Comprehensive Cyber Policy

As we rely more on the internet to conduct business, cyber incidents are more likely to occur. Protect yourself, and your business with a comprehensive cyber policy. Now, getting the coverage you need is easier than ever.

We have an online quote, click, and buy portal to make buying cyber as quick and easy as possible. A few items to note when applying for cyber insurance:

  1. Independent Contractors. Make sure the policy covers them. Ours does, many do not. Include them when asked for number of employees.
  2. Multi-factor Authentication (MFA). Many policies now require all covered devices to enable MFA for emails and other computer programs. This includes your licensees’ computers. Our policy does not require MFA since we know it is difficult to implement with licensees.
  3. Personal Sensitive Information. Most brokerages do not store SSNs, dates of birth, or other sensitive personal information. If you do not store this data, answer appropriately.
  4. Wiring Money. If you do not wire funds, answer that you confirm contact info before sending.

Click below to get your quote started. You’ll have the option to buy immediately if you qualify.


*Basic Cyber Notification coverage is included with Errors and Omissions policies that include Broad Form coverage. This is “first party” data breach notification coverage (covering the insured). Cyber Notification and optional Cyber Liability protection does not cover the actual transfer of money or security.  Read each policy for a full comparison of coverage and benefits. Certain restrictions apply. All coverage is subject to Underwriting and other qualifications.

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