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Access to a Wider Array of Surety Bonds for Mortgage Brokers and Escrow Companies

For most mortgage brokers, your state likely requires you to have a license  ̶  and purchase your own surety bond as a condition of the license. If your state uses escrow, your escrow office likely needs a surety or fidelity bond.

When you purchase your surety bond, you’ll agree to adhere to the rules and regulations of your state.

The bond provides compensation for clients that may be harmed financially due to misleading or fraudulent lending or escrow  practices. A consumer may make a claim against the bond, and if successful, the bond company will compensate the consumer for their losses. The mortgage broker or escrow company will then repay the amount of the consumer’s losses to the bond company.

Surety Bond Options

Your Surety Bond premium will usually be paid annually. The premium can range from 1% to 7% of the bond amount, depending on the strength of your credit.

The amount of the bond required by your state may depend on the number of brokers or escrow agents  covered, and the amount of mortgage loans originated in the previous year, or your escrow liability.

With access to three bond companies, CRES has the ability to secure bonds for almost any credit rating at competitive prices.

  • We have options that most insurance brokers can’t access, to find you the best choice at the best price
  • 1-year bonds starting at $150.00 for good credit
  • 1-year bonds starting at $250.00 for less-than-perfect credit
  • May be issued the same day based on credit ratings

Get Started Today

Complete the application below and return it to CRES at  or fax it to 1.858.618.1655.

*Read each surety bond agreement for full details. Certain restrictions apply. All coverage is subject to Underwriting and other qualifications.

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