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Experienced Pre-Claim Legal Advice Included with E&O!

What if you could get advice from a local expert real estate attorney at no extra charge?

With all CRES Real Estate E&O + ClaimPrevent® policies, this PRE-CLAIM benefit is included!  (If you’re going to protect yourself with E&O insurance anyway, why not get superior coverage AND access to legal advice?)

You’ll be able to resolve issues early — and actually help to prevent claims before they happen (or reduce the cost of claims that do occur).

ClaimPrevent® Real Estate Risk Management Services include: answering questions, giving legal advice, reviewing contracts and documents, writing letters, and more.  Our experienced real estate attorneys will work with you every step of the way until your issue is resolved.

And you’re guaranteed a response within 4 hours or by the next business day.  You’ll get recommendations in writing as well.  Download our Legal Services Flyer

ClaimPrevent® Risk Management:  Not Your Typical Legal Hotline

CRES Real Estate Risk Management Services go far beyond the typical legal hotline (that usually just handles quick questions about forms).  Call on our attorneys for:

  • Phone Consultations: You or your licensees can call our “stress less” hotline and consult with our team of attorneys about any aspect of a real estate transaction (including general questions about forms or disclosures).
  • Contract and Document Review: You and your team can fax or email real estate documents to our attorneys for review and commentary.
  • Attorney Letters: Our Risk Management attorneys will write letters on your behalf in connection with any real estate transaction.
  • Sample Documents: Our Risk Management team provides draft documents, such as releases or purchase contract supplements, to ensure smooth transactions.
  • Legal Resources: Access valuable risk management resources, including legal case alerts, sample letters, updated contract supplements, specific disclosures, and other risk management tools.
  • Case Alerts: As new case and statutory law goes into effect, we’ll keep you up-to-date on legal rules and requirements affecting your business.
  • Risk Management Seminars:  As a CRES member, you can attend free risk management seminars to learn how best to protect your business. CRES offers state-specific seminars and webinars to keep you current on claim prevention steps and issues in your area.

Risk Management Guidelines

Risk Management is the first line of defense against claims.

  • We want to hear from you as soon as you think you might have an issue… not just when you actually have a claim.

Our program is proactive, designed to help you prevent many claims in the first place and reduce the cost of others.

Review our Risk Management Guidelines for detailed information about the legal assistance available to you from our team of expert real estate attorneys.  CRES members: Call 877.273.7467 for Legal Help.

“While most claim situations are confrontational and upsetting, the two CRES risk management attorneys were tremendously professional and very level-headed. I am very sorry this had to happen, but extremely happy that they were there to help us. So from one very hard working Realtor to two very skillful Professionals I thank you very much.”

Pete M. — Broker/Owner REMAX Properties

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Let us find you the right solution.

Read each policy for a full comparison of coverage and benefits. Certain restrictions apply. All coverage is subject to Underwriting and other qualifications.

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