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Montana Real Estate Errors and Omissions Insurance

Superior Protection and Expert Pre-Claim Legal Advice!

Get 8 to 10 times more coverage than the state group policy — from $138*

Purchase or Renew by November 1, 2021

CRES Montana Real Estate E&O + ClaimPrevent®                      versus State Group Policy
$100,000/$500,000 limits (plus a separate $500,000 limit for Defense costs) $100k/$300k
Pre-Claim Legal Services 7 days a week No help pre-claim
$100,000 for Lock Box Property Damage (20x the protection!) $5k/$10k
$100,000 or sales price whichever less for Pollution/Mold (10x the protection!) $10k/$20k
$100,000 for Open House and Showings Not offered
$50,000 Cyber coverage (10x the protection!) $5k notification coverage
$30,000 Subpoena coverage (12x the protection!) $2.5k/$2.5k
$20,000 Disciplinary Hearings coverage (8x the protection!) $2.5k/$5k (defense)
Sale of Agent-Owned Vacation/Rental Properties to fourplex (with requirements) Primary residence only

CRES Gives You an Incredible Amount of Protection — and More Included Services — because we know how to help Montana real estate professionals:

  • ClaimPrevent® Legal Services included 7 days a week — local expert real estate attorneys are on call to ask questions, prepare letters or addenda, review contracts, and more — to help you actually PREVENT claims.
  • $100,000 Open House and Showings Liability Coverage — you’re covered for damage and injuries to third parties, as well as from your real estate signage! (you really can’t do your job without this coverage, can you?)
  • $100,000 Pollution/Environmental Coverage — includes coverage for mold claims.
  • Conformity Endorsement Coverage — this amends your Montana E&O policy (for Montana residents) so that it also conforms to any E&O requirements in other states like Idaho where you hold a valid real estate license.
  • $1,000 retention (out-of-pocket claims expense) with First Dollar Defense — no out-of-pocket claims expense when your only claims cost is attorney fees.

PLUS, our Montana real estate E&O plans include:  no limit on attorney’s fees that will be paid for a claim, Firm and Franchise Coverage, and Prior Acts coverage for as long as you’ve maintained continuous real estate E&O insurance.

Invest in Superior Real Estate E&O Without Overspending

CRES is a FAR better protection choice than the state group policy for most licensees in Montana. Rather than just an insurance plan, you gain a partner to help you everyday.

We’ve been innovators in helping and protecting real estate professionals nationwide for over 25 years.

Your CRES E&O includes coverage for all activities that require a real estate license, as required by the Montana Board of Realty Regulations.  Your plan is guaranteed to meet all MBRR requirements. (Choose a separate policy to cover your Appraisal, Property Management, or Transaction Coordinator activities.)

Montana Real Estate E&O Plan Details

  • $100,000/$500,000 liability limits and $1,000 Retention (out-of-pocket claims expense limit) 
  • Separate $100,000 limit when a claim only has defense costs (“Defense Outside the Limits”)
  • $100,000 Pollution/Environmental/Mold Coverage
  • $100,000 Open House & Showings (contingent liability) Coverage
  • $100,000 Lockbox coverage for injuries and property damage related to your lockbox
  • Includes Agent-Owned Property Coverage, including the sale of Residential vacation/rentals (with requirements)
  • Includes Coverage for Firms and Franchisors as Additional Insureds
  • Includes Coverage for Team/Non-Licensed Assistants
  • Includes “Broad Form” coverage with up to: $30,000 per subpoena, $20,000 per disciplinary proceeding, $25,000 per public relations event, $10,000 per claim for loss of earnings during legal proceedings, $15,000 per claim for non-profit director/officer activities, and $50,000 cyber coverage for client notification costs due to a data/security breach
  • Increase liability limits to optional $500,000/$500,000

Plans from $142

Get your quote and purchase online. Or you can call 858-618-1648 anytime for prompt, personal assistance.

Optional Coverage

Seller’s E&O Protection Plan to protect potential sellers for 180 days after closing. This unique competitive advantage will win you more listings – just $5


*Comparison as of 10-6-21 based on base policy cost for licensees performing activities requiring a license. Read each policy for a full comparison of coverage and benefits. Certain restrictions apply. All coverage is subject to Underwriting and other qualifications.

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