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Montana Real Estate Errors and Omissions Insurance

3 New Montana E&O Options from $66 – with Pre-Claim Legal Advice

  • Base Protection plan:  from $66
  • Superior Protection plan: from $122
  • Platinum Protection Bundle: from $260

Purchase or Renew by November 1, 2023

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Montana Now Has New Real Estate E&O Plans Starting at Just $66!

All Montana real estate professionals are now required to have Errors and Omissions insurance. You’ll can choose from 3 new real estate E&O plans for Montana, tailored to your transaction volume  . . .

✅ Base Protection with the lowest price for those with no income from activities requiring a real estate license in the last 12 months:
$100,000/$500,000 coverage – starting at $66!

✅ Superior Protection with $200,000 more total coverage, plus up to 20 times more protection in individual areas                           $100,000/$500,000 coverage – from $122

✅ Platinum Protection Bundle with the broadest coverage, most popular options, and highest limits at a bundled price. $500,000/$500,000 or $1 million/$1 million coverage limits – from $260 or $360

From 8 to 20 Times More Coverage in EVERY CRES E&O Plan

Every CRES E&O plan is guaranteed to meet 100% of Montana requirements, guaranteed to meet or beat the coverage of the state group plan, and includes expert pre-claim Legal Services.

Compared to the state group plan, every CRES plan includes far more coverage:

Base Protection Plan and Superior Protection Plan

  • $100,000 Open House and Showings — you’re covered for damage and injuries to third parties, as well as from your real estate signage! (not included in the state group plan. You really can’t do your job without this coverage, can you?)
  • $100,000 Pollution/Environmental (including mold)                             —  vs $10k (10X more coverage)
  • $100,000 Lockbox Property Damage                                                         — vs $5k (20X more coverage)
  • $100,000 Escrow Disputes                                                                               — vs $5k (20X more coverage)
  • $50,000 Cyber Liability data breach notification                                   — vs $5k (10X more coverage)
  • $30,000 Subpoena coverage                                                                         — vs $2.5k (12X more coverage)
  • $20,000 per Disciplinary proceeding                                                         — vs $2.5k (8X more coverage)
  • Agent-Owned Property sales (rentals,vacation homes to 4-plex)   — vs Primary Residence or Pay Extra
  • Conformity for other states where you hold a license                             — vs Extra Fee
  • First Dollar Defense (no out-of-pocket costs when your claim involves only defense costs, otherwise $1,000 retention)
  • Defense Outside the Limits (gives you additional coverage equal to your policy limit to cover defense costs)
  • Firm/Franchise coverage

Optional Coverage:
Fair Housing/Discrimination Defense and Damages to the policy limit – just $8

$25,000 Seller’s Protection Plan to win more listings – just $5

$250,000 Open House and Showings coverage – just $12

Platinum Protection Bundle Includes ALL OF THE ABOVE, plus:

  • $500,000/$500,000 or $1 million/$1 million coverage limits
  • Open House and Showings coverage to $250,000 (not included in state group plan)
  • Fair Housing/Discrimination Defense and Damages coverage to policy limits
  • Sellers Protection Plan to $25,000

CRES Gives You an Incredible Amount of Protection — and More Included Services 

  • ClaimPrevent® Legal Services included — local expert real estate attorneys are on call to ask questions, prepare letters or addenda, review contracts, and more — to help you actually PREVENT claims.
  • Conformity Endorsement Coverage — this amends your Montana E&O policy (for Montana residents) so that it also conforms to any E&O requirements in other states like Idaho where you hold a valid real estate license (state group plan adds $20)

Invest in Superior Real Estate E&O Without Overspending

CRES is a FAR better protection choice than the state group policy for most licensees in Montana.

Your CRES E&O includes coverage for all activities that require a real estate license, as required by the Montana Board of Realty Regulations.  Your plan is guaranteed to meet all MBRR requirements. (Choose a separate policy to cover your Appraisal, Property Management, or Transaction Coordinator activities.)

Plans from $66

Get your quote and purchase online. Or you can call 858-618-1648 anytime for prompt, personal assistance.

In Every Plan

  • Prior Transactions covered for as long as you’ve maintained continuous E&O coverage. No need for Tail (ERP) coverage.
  • You won’t pay extra to cover all of your activities that require a real estate license, including commercial.

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*Comparison as of 10-6-21 based on base policy cost for licensees performing activities requiring a license. Read each policy for a full comparison of coverage and benefits. Certain restrictions apply. All coverage is subject to Underwriting and other qualifications.

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