Idaho Real Estate Errors & Omissions (E&O) Insurance

Deadline to Renew: September 30, 2019

Starts at just:


a savings of $259* for similar limits with the state program.

Enjoy these included CRES Exclusives:

  • 5 Times the Coverage Per Claim — $500,000/$500,000 Limits
  • 8 to 100 Times the Coverage in 5 key areas
  • Legal Advisory Services — access to on-call local attorneys 7 days a week for questions, letters, contract review
  • 25 Free Building Permit History Reports each year

Guaranteed to meet all state requirements – and far EXCEED what the State E&O program includes. Why? Because we’re experts at protecting real estate professionals – and we know what coverages you really need.

5 Times the Coverage Per Claim – 8 to 100 Times the Protection in These Key Areas

CRES State Program
$500,000/$500,000 limits $100k/$300k
Legal Advisory Services included 7 days a week No help pre-claim
$500,000 policy limit for Lock Box Property Damage $5k/$10k
$500,000 or sales price whichever less for Pollution $10k/$20k
$25,00 Seller’s E&O Not offered
$100,000 for Open House and Showings Not offered
$50,000 Cyber coverage $5k notification coverage
$30,000 Subpoena coverage $2.5k for attorney fees
$20,000 – $50,000 Disciplinary Hearings coverage $2.5k/$5k (defense)
Agent-Owned SFRs to fourplex Primary residence (extra fee)

Plus an incredible competitive advantage to attract listings and increase your commissions with Seller’s E&O.  When Seller’s E&O helps you win your first additional listing, your commission will MORE than pay for your E&O for the year!

  • Get 5 times the coverage to $500,000 per claim (over the state program)! Plus you’ll have $200,000 MORE protection than the state program for total claims during the year. And a separate $500,000 limit to cover attorney costs.
  • Plus Legal Advisory Services 7 days a week to help you prevent claims and lawsuits.  Talk with experienced attorneys who will guarantee their response time and confirm recommendations in writing!
  • Fair Housing/Discrimination defense coverage to your policy limit.
  • Lock Box Property Damage to your policy limit (the state covers $5k per claim) – that’s 100 times the coverage!
  • Pollution / Environmental – coverage up to most recent sales price or $500,000 limit (whichever is less) – versus only $10k per claim.
  • Open House and Showings – you’re protected for up to $100,000 for damage to property and injuries during selling activities (how are you doing showings and conducting open houses without this coverage?)
  • $50,000 Cyber coverage included for client notification costs due to a Data/Security Breach – versus only $5k with the state. Hackers are targeting agents daily.
  • $30,000 in subpoena coverage – versus only $2.5k per claim with the state.
  • $20,000-$50,000 per enrollment period for Disciplinary Proceedings assistance – versus $2.5k – at least 8 times the coverage!
  • Agent-Owned Property coverage for SFRs up to fourplex – versus only your primary residence with the state.
  • Conformity Endorsement coverage – if you are an Idaho resident, this endorsement will amend your Idaho policy to conform to E&O requirements of other states where you hold a valid real estate license.


  • Give your sellers an extra $50,000 in Seller’s E&O with a CRES Qualified Home Warranty from Fidelity National Home Warranty or $25,000 from Old Republic Home Protection.* Learn more
  • 25 Free CRES Building Permit History Reports (a $99.95 value), included with your policy each year, with discounted pricing available on additional reports. A CRES Exclusive
  • $1,000 retention (out-of-pocket claims expense) – that can be eliminated by using CRES Qualified Home Warranties.* And no out-of-pocket claims expense for claims where only attorney’s fees are paid.

CRES offers FAR better protection than the State program for most real estate licensees in Idaho. We’re serious about your daily protection — and have been for more than 20 years.  That’s why we include SIGNIFICANTLY MORE coverage than the state program.

Your CRES Real Estate E&O + ClaimPrevent® policy includes access to local expert real estate attorneys available 7 days a week – to help you actually PREVENT claims.  Attorneys are on-call for questions, writing or reviewing letters and addendums, contract review, and more.

You may also be eligible for CRES E&O even if you have past complaints or claims.

Only pay for the activities you perform. As required by IREC, our policies can cover all licensed real estate activities. Our base pricing is for Residential services. If you’ve earned commission from Commercial services in the past 12 months, just add $24.

Why not get your real estate E&O in place today – and enjoy more coverage and services you’ve earned.

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*Comparison as of 7-16-19 based on base policy cost for licensees performing activities requiring a license.  Seller’s E&O coverage and other benefits are feature based and warranty specific. Read each policy for a full comparison of coverage and benefits. All coverage is subject to Underwriting and other qualifications. The E&O Retention (Out-of-Pocket Claims Expense) Reduction applies to any real estate licensed Real Estate Services Council Risk Purchasing Group, LLC. (“RESCRPG”) member who personally pays for the Home Warranty Plan. These benefits are offered by, and intended for, the members of RESCRPG. RESCRPG membership is part of your CRES E&O policy. Other warranties may also qualify for an E&O Retention Reduction, but only those warranties listed here are guaranteed to qualify. Not available in all states. Certain restrictions apply.

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Low Cost Optional Coverage

Fair Housing/Discrimination Defense and Damages Coverage to Limits Add $8
Increase Limits to $1M/$1M Liability Add $16
Appraisers Add $8
Mortgage Brokering Add $4
Cyber Liability Expanded Coverage Add $35

CRES vs. State Program

Watch our video to learn why you get more for less with CRES. Watch our video to learn why you get more for less with CRES.

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