Louisiana Errors & Omissions

Why Pay More for Less?

Starts at just:

a savings of $41* vs. the state group program.

Louisiana E&O Information Sheet

$500k/$500k Limits Exceed LREC Minimum Coverage

Includes:  $1,000 Deductible • Pollution/Environmental Coverage • First Dollar Defense • Agent-Owned Property • Agent Pre-Paid Legal Services • Fair Housing/Discrimination Defense • Coverage for Prior Sales • Lockbox Coverage • Megan’s Law • Firm and Franchise Coverage • Escrow Disputes • Separate Limit for Defense Costs • Disciplinary Proceedings Assistance • Subpoena Response Coverage • Cyber Liability • Building Permit History Reports

Proof of coverage sent directly to LREC
Price includes $7.00 LREC fee


How do we keep rates low? Risk Management.

Over the past 10 years we have spent over $5.5 Million to assist licensees before a claim is filed. Why? Because the least expensive claim is the one that is prevented. Preventing problems up-front helps all of us.
Thanks to your diligence, we are able to expand our program to consider licensees with complaints or claims. Just one more reason to stop paying more, for less!
  • Guaranteed to meet 100% of LREC requirements.
  • Includes $500k/$500k limits. A CRES Exclusive
  • Backed by “A” rated, admitted carrier.
  • Proof of coverage is electronically sent directly to LREC.
  • Offers protection for injuries or damages that occur during Open Houses, showings or other selling activities. Just $8
  • Per LREC requirements, our E&O policy covers all activities requiring a license, including Commercial during the upcoming year.
  • Our base price is based on residential real estate sales, and you only pay an additional fee if you’ve performed other activities (Commercial, Appraisers, Mortgage Brokering, etc.) in the past 12 months.
  • 25 FREE Building Permit History Reports (a $99.95 value) are included with your policy with discounted pricing available on additional reports. A CRES Exclusive
  • We cover prior transactions just like the state group program.

Additional Valuable Benefits:

Seller’s E&O coverage    Learn more
We offer Seller’s E&O (for just $5) that provides $25k in coverage to protect your clients, a value added benefit that you can use to get more listings!  A CRES Exclusive
Risk Management – We include Risk Management on all policies. Why? Because the least expensive claim is the one that is never filed. You have access to our team of local expert attorneys for document/contract review, subpoena assistance, regulatory complaints, phone consultations, sample disclosures, and legal updates. A CRES Exclusive
Qualified Home Warranties – Protect the buyers, eliminate your E&O deductible, and get an extra $25,000 in seller’s E&O with a CRES home warranty.
Reduce Permit Claims Risk    Learn more
Help reduce your liability and E&O claims by showing buyers the presence or absence of permits with our Building Permit History Reports. Your policy comes with 25 reports (a $99.95 value). Order more at a discount anytime. A CRES Exclusive


*Pricing and comparison examples based on available information at the time of posting. Savings quoted is for licensees who only perform Residential Real Estate Sales. Savings comparison assumes online purchase where state program charges a $5 convenience fee and CRES does not.
“CRES is more than just saving money. They have always provided me with friendly, professional service and get me the answer I need quickly. They really care about me.”
– Mary S., Real Estate Agent

Low Cost Optional Coverage

Seller’s E&O Coverage Add $5
Fair Housing/Discrimination Defense and Damages Coverage to Limits Add $8
Open House/Showings (Bodily Injury and Property Damage Add $8
Increase Limits to $1M/$1M Liability Add $15
Appraisers or Mortgage Brokering (each) Add $15
Conformity Endorsement Add $15

CRES vs. State Program

Watch our video to learn why you get more for less with CRES.
Watch our video to learn why you get more for less with CRES.

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