Comparing Real Estate E&O Policies: How to Choose the Right E&O for You

When you select a Real Estate E&O policy, you’re selecting a partner to help protect the future of your business – and a policy to cover the specific risks you encounter in your job every day.

There are companies that offer a standard E&O policy across industries; but you typically won’t find coverage customized for real estate activities in those policies.

And with just about every E&O policy, the money you’ve invested in the policy doesn’t bring you any return – until you have a claim. (But that’s not true with CRES as you’ll see below.)

We think real estate, appraisal, mortgage, and property management professionals deserve more.  Here are the key elements to look for when choosing E&O that is truly customized for your business.

Choosing the Right E&O Insurance Company

Will your E&O insurance company understand how to best protect you and your business?  Look at the specific-to-real-estate coverages they offer, their experience in your specific industry, their industry rating, and their adherence to your state’s particular regulations. (“What?” you may say. “Doesn’t every insurance company have to pay attention to my state’s laws?” Read on . . .)

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