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“Stress Less” Hotline

What makes CRES different from other Real Estate E&O providers?  Other E&O providers ask you to contact them when you actually have a claim, while CRES wants to hear from you the moment you think you have an issue that might become a claim.

Our risk management attorneys are here to assist you in resolving issues before they become big problems. For example, if you encounter an issue prior to escrow closing, the first thing you should do is call our real estate ClaimPrevent® Legal Advisory Hotline — what we like to call the “Stress Less” hotline. The risk management team can assess the potential risk and help you minimize or eliminate it before it becomes a claim. Once escrow has closed, the risk management team can only mitigate the risk.

Calling our ClaimPrevent® Legal Advisory Hotline can help you save you thousands of dollars by resolving a situation early before it becomes a claim.

Equally important, resolving situations means that your loss history will remain clean, an important factor in securing preferred E&O rates in the future. Additionally, our risk management attorneys are also available to review documents and/or draft a letter on your behalf.

Call the “Stress Less” Hotline at  877.273.7467

You can also email your questions at:

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