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Escrow Closing Instruction and Invoice

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Shall be used for payment of CRES’ Disclosure Protection Plan and the check shall be made payable to CRES Insurance. Mail check to: CRES Insurance, AJG PO Box 95632, Chicago, IL 60694-5632 The $299.00 shall be paid from the seller’s side of the transaction.
RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY means a single-family dwelling, condominium, townhome or planned urban development (PUD) owned and occupied by the Seller which could be temporarily vacant for no more than sixty (60) days immediately preceding the listing of this property sold to the Buyer. The property must be the primary residence of the Seller and be owned and occupied by the Seller for a minimum of six months prior to the initial signed listing agreement on this property. By clicking Confirm, you acknowledge the above statements are true, you meet the guidelines for coverage, and you agree to the Terms of Service and AJG Compensation Disclosure.
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