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Summary of Disclosure Protection Plan Details

Here are some plan limitations and exclusions.
Please read Plan details and the policy endorsement for all benefits, limitations, exclusions and conditions


  • The limit of liability is $25,000, regardless of the number of claims being made or number of claimants.
  • Coverage applies collectively to all persons and entities named as “seller.” This limit applies regardless of the number of persons or entities who qualify for coverage as “seller” under this policy.
  • The seller has a $2,500 “retention” (like a deductible, it’s the amount you’re responsible for should you have a claim.)


  • Coverage lasts for six months beginning on the close of escrow date.
  • Claims must be made and reported during the coverage period.
  • Sellers must report a claim within 10 days of receipt of the written notice of a claim.
  • The insurance coverage starts upon closing and recording. If purchased through escrow, payment must be received before defense and indemnity coverages go into effect.
  • Legal service begins once the “pay from escrow” form is submitted.


  • The policy only covers residential property which means a single-family dwelling, condominium, townhome or planned urban development (PUD) owned and occupied by the seller which could be temporarily vacant for no more than sixty (60) days immediately preceding the listing of this property sold to the buyer.
  • The property must be the primary residence of the seller and be owned and occupied by the seller for a minimum of six months prior to the initial signed listing agreement on this property


  • Coverage does not apply to intentional, dishonest or fraudulent acts committed by or on behalf of the seller to effectuate the sale of their property.
  • A seller’s claim against their listing agent voids Disclosure Protection Plan coverage for that claim.

Please read policy endorsement for all benefits, limitations, exclusions and conditions. The link to the endorsement is in your “Welcome” email from CRES.

TO SIGN UP: Complete the Pay through Escrow form.

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