App Round Up: Apps Every Real Estate Professional Needs

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There is a mountain of technology available to real estate agents, brokers and appraisers. Are you using everything you can to up your game? Apps, for both Android and iPhone, aren’t just extras to ‘help’ you do you job. Instead, they are now essential to remaining competitive in market. We have reviewed some of the best apps and organized them by category to get you on your way to impressing clients with your tech savvy support.

Realtor® Specific:

Sitegeist: It’s a little bit like a stalker. Sitegeist provides data about the neighborhood you are working in with big brother style detail. It provides the average age of residents, prevailing political views, average temperature, how residents commute, and popular nearby restaurants and services. This information can help you answer client questions on the fly with professional ease.

HomeFinder: This app is very similar to Zillow, but simply offers an alternative search platform for data on property estimates, local price ranges, inventory and more.

Mortgage Calculator: This app does more than just calculate a single base rate. It uses multiple factors specific to your client to help them fully understand their repayment requirements, outline what their monthly payments will be, and provide their future payoff date. When you’ve got a client one calculation away from a commitment, this information can help expedite their decision.

Get Organized:

Cam Scanner: No need to wait or race back to the office to scan a document ever again. Cam Scanner lets you use your smartphone to scan and send documents whenever and wherever you are. And the results are gorgeous. The recipient will never know you didn’t use a traditional, bulky desktop scanner.

DotLoop: DotLoop workflow services were designed specifically for real estate professionals. Keep yourself and your team organized and on task during each stage of the listing or closing process with this service. Your clients will love it too. They can create a secure account and be easily guided through multiple documents that can be e-verified and encrypted.

Wunderlist: Use Wunderlist to line out your tasks as well as share and assign tasks with other teammates and assistants. It’s the best app we have come across for avoiding the dreaded “dropped ball.

Work it:

Google Business Apps: All of them. Word, Excel, and Publishers are the big three that get the most press, as they should. Having these on you phone or tablet means that you are essentially carrying a laptop with you at all times. Real estate professionals spend precious little time at their desks, and Google Business Apps allows you to bring your office with you.

Vert: This very handy tool will convert just about anything: size, weight, length, volume and currency. This app can completely eliminate guesstimates and make you sound like the professional you are.

Dropbox: Dropbox is a reliable cloud storage solution that is as easy-to-use as they come. You can share documents between devices and multiple users faster and easier than walking it across the office.

PDF Escape: No, you don’t need to print something off to sign it. With PDF Escape you can store your signature on your smartphone and add it to PDF’s when necessary. Once again, no hustling back to the office required.

Have a little fun:

Pandora and Spotify: With the help of a portable speaker, you can create the right background music at any open house with either of these apps. Or you can rock out to your favorite music in your car in-between listings.

It’s Important to Hydrate (and not get lost):

Google Maps: There is usually more than one way to get somewhere. Google Maps will detail the fastest route based on traffic and alert you to construction and accidents. You can also use the app when showing a property to give your clients a great bird’s eye view of the neighborhood.

Starbucks: Is your car also your break room? Or do you meet clients at Starbucks before or after listings? Get the Starbucks app to earn free drinks or skip the line to order from your phone.

Do you use something we haven’t mentioned here? Let us know! Leave a note in the comments below.

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Originally Published September 2, 2015

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