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Financing Issues

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How Real Estate Licensees Can Avoid Lender Fraud Scams

Even the most astute real estate professionals can find themselves embroiled in lender fraud scams. Here’s what you need to know and steps you can take to protect…

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RESPA Compliance for Mortgage Brokers

RESPA compliance often comes up as an area of concern for real estate licensees, but it’s equally as important to mortgage brokers. As a mortgage broker, you may…

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Fraud Alert – Seller Carry Back Loan Scams

Fraud Alert #1: Full Price Offer, Minimal Deposit, Large Carryback Be aware of this pattern, typically with residential homes priced from $2 million to $3 million. Here’s how…

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When to Be Wary of Cash Buyers of Real Estate

Sometimes you may come across wealthy clients that want to pay cash for a property. In the United States, only around 23% of property sales are cash transactions.…

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Mortgage Fraud in Real Estate & Mortgage Brokering

As a real estate professional, you may come across mortgage fraud at some point during your career. Mortgage fraud can be defined as fraud related to property mortgages…

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Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Your Real Estate Business

Blockchain is changing the way we gather, store and use information.  And it’s now being tested and used for some real estate transactions. As of February 2018, New…

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Educate Your Home Sellers on FHA Loans to Reduce Your Risk of A Real Estate Lawsuit

Federal Housing Authority loans (FHA loans) have even higher loan limits for 2018 in many counties, which should make them an attractive option for a larger range of…

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What is a Seller Carryback? How to Protect the Seller and Yourself in a Seller Carryback Transaction

Seller carryback financing is when the seller of a given property acts as a lender for a buyer on the seller’s property. The end result is that the…

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