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Avoiding Biased Appraisals and Discrimination Lawsuits

We all come from different backgrounds, with learned ideas and perceptions based on our experiences. This can contribute to bias, whether conscious or unconscious. Bias, at its core,…

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Educate Your Real Estate Appraisal Clients on Appraisals vs. Valuations

One of the greatest challenges for a real estate property appraiser is balancing the expectations of your clients. Sometimes challenges arise because a client asks for an appraisal,…

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Risks and Benefits to Real Estate Appraisers of Automated Valuation Models and Appraisal Software

Advances in technology are helping businesses around the world to operate more efficiently, smarter, and more effectively than ever before. In the real estate industry, supporters of Automated…

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Jenga Blocks Insurance

What Insurance Does a Real Estate Appraiser Need and Why?

Insurance is critical for all real estate professionals. For appraisers, you want to be confident that your insurance covers the exact risks you face in your appraisal business.  …

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Does a Low Appraisal Need to Be Shared with the Seller?

It’s no surprise that appraisals are part of the process when it comes to real estate sales, but sometimes low appraisals can be a surprise. When this happens,…

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How to Avoid a Lawsuit When Appraising a Home

As an appraiser, you face many risks in different aspects of your business. To make sure you don’t face a lawsuit at the end of a long day…

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How to Prepare your Real Estate Clients for the Appraisal: What Appraisers Want You to Know

Real estate appraisers do a complicated job in an exacting, precise manner. When they create an appraisal, they have nothing to gain or lose from the final number—with…

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How to Get a Client’s Home to Appraise Higher

Guidance is the most important thing you can offer your clients. And when it comes to prepping a home prior to appraisal, they will need your guidance more…

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