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How to Steer Clear of a RESPA Violation When Co-Marketing a Listing

Co-marketing listings can be a win/win for real estate professionals. It’s an effective way to increase exposure and reach new prospects. It’s also a value-for-money proposition as you’re…

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Avoid Housing Scams and Protect Your Listings (and Clients)

Real estate scams are becoming more and more prevalent. Housing scammers are finding new and sophisticated ways to try and dupe people into handing over their hard-earned cash.…

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Augmented Reality and AI Risks for Real Estate Brokers

New technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are transforming the real estate experience. From virtual tours to chatbots, these tools are adding value to…

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an apartment being painted with paint cans everywhere

When a Property Owner Wants to DIY: how real estate licensees and property managers can manage the risks

DIY (“do it yourself”) can be an attractive option for a seller or a landlord because it’s cheaper than engaging a professional. But, what about the impact if…

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Artificial Intelligence: Opportunities and Threats for Real Estate Brokers

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been at the forefront of recent media coverage. Some commentators have voiced concerns about AI chatbots replacing human customer service, the possibility of widespread…

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How Using Photo Filters and Editing Property Photos Can Lead to a Real Estate Lawsuit

It’s 2023 and filters are everywhere. There are filters on Instagram®, Snapchat®, and TikTok®, and photo editing tools on smartphones. That’s even without professional tools like Photoshop®. But,…

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Real Estate Licensee Responsibilities When Creating New Listings: ClaimPrevent® Summary 2

This session covers licensee responsibilities with new listings, information to be gathered with different seller situations, and creating the public listings — all from a risk management point…

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Paranormal Activity — Selling a Home With a Reputation

Failure to disclose is a major reason real estate licensees find themselves facing a lawsuit. But what about things you may not personally believe in, like paranormal activity?…

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Gavel House

How a Typo Can Cause a Real Estate Lawsuit

Typos happen every day. If your team is busy writing up multiple listings, contracts and property marketing materials, they’re bound to happen. Unfortunately, even the most innocent of…

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diving board in a residential pool

Selling a Home with a Diving Board

Are you a real estate licensee trying to sell a home with a diving board? While pools and spas are a common property feature, diving boards are not…

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Yellow Crime Scene tape

Selling a ‘Stigmatized’ Property

According to the NAR, a ‘stigmatized’ property is a place that has been ‘psychologically impacted by an event which occurred or was suspected to have occurred’. It’s where…

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A woman's face with finger across lips suggesting to whisper

CRES Risk Management Webinar: Possible Pitfalls of Real Estate Whisper Listings

Given the current Seller’s market and scarcity of homes for sale, office- exclusive listings (also called whisper listings) have become a more common occurrence.  In this situation, a…

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vacant bedroom with backpack

How to Sell Property Where Squatters Have Lived and Reduce Your Risks

Squatting is the unauthorized use of a property. It’s trespassing without the permission of the landowner, and usually over a significant period of time.  If you’re a real…

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Selling a Home with an Above-Ground Pool

Swimming pools are becoming more popular as families look for recreational activities in their own backyard. Since the pandemic, orders for pools have skyrocketed in the United States,…

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Nice tan and gray brick sided house with walkway leading up to door

Selling Estates Where Multiple Parties Are Involved: A Guide for Real Estate Agents

Selling estates where multiple parties are involved is very common. The multiple parties involved in real estate transactions vary from couples and families, to trusts or deceased estates…

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man fixing sink

When Your Seller is Reluctant to Do Repairs…

As a real estate professional, you will often come across sellers who are reluctant to do repairs on their home -- either before listing the property, or after…

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Man in office holding Broker Beware Takeaways sign

Real Estate Broker Beware — Most Common Complaints That Lead to Litigation

James M. Meseck, a litigation specialist from White and Steele in Colorado, gives us tips on reducing the most common risks for real estate licensees.  (Note that all…

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image of bed in a room without a closet

Can You List a Bedroom Without a Closet

Have you ever been at odds with a client about how many bedrooms there are in a house? How many bedrooms you include in a listing matters. More…

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Can Real Estate E&O Save You from Misrepresentation?

Misrepresentation is among the most common claims made against real estate agents. It seems pretty obvious that you shouldn’t misrepresent the property you want to sell, but it…

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house plans with ruler square footage

How to Avoid a Real Estate Lawsuit When MLS Gets Things Wrong

Using a multiple listing service (MLS) has benefits for agents, but what if your MLS gets information wrong? Let’s look at how you can protect yourself from a…

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woman reviewing real estate listing marketing to avoid real estate lawsuit

Real Estate Listing Marketing — What to Watch for to Avoid a Real Estate Lawsuit

It can’t be stressed enough -- getting real estate transaction details in writing is so critical when it comes to documenting a client’s home sale or purchase. Emails,…

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Couple looking at MLS on tablet with Agent

The Purpose of a MLS Listing of Real Property in California

The purpose of a MLS listing of a parcel for sale Throughout California there are many local real estate associations that provide an electronic service used by real…

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scales of justice in court room

How to Prevent a California Civil Code Section 1088 Violation

California Civil Code section 1088 Many real estate agents are not familiar with the provisions of California Civil Code section 1088. I am quite familiar with this provision…

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