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Home Inspections & Warranties

model sized house on document with a set of keys next to it

Real Estate Licensees Still Need the Protection of a Home Warranty

Low interest rates and even lower inventory has created a strong real estate sellers’ market.  Sellers listing their properties for sale are receiving multiple offers  ̶  and frequently…

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How Real Estate Licensees Should Properly Conduct a Visual Inspection Before Listing a Property

Real estate licensees aren’t required to do a professional building inspection for your listings. But your state (for example, California) may require you to do a ‘visual inspection’.…

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Brick House sold

Why Real Estate Brokers and Licensees Should Not Request Inspections

As a broker, we know you want to be helpful to your clients. You want your team to be helpful too and provide a high level of customer…

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When Real Estate Professionals Buy a Home Warranty for a Listing to Seal the Deal

Have a listing that just isn’t moving? Is it an older property? Might it attract first-time buyers? More Real Estate Licensees Purchasing a Home Warranty Plans It’s becoming…

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kitchen faucet with water coming out of it

How to Help Your Buyers Avoid Post-Winter Water Damaged Homes

There have been some harsh weather conditions across several states in America this winter, especially in places like Colorado. This not only takes its toll on residents, but…

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Home inspector in front of a home

Home Inspections—Do Real Estate Agents Need to Be There?

Home inspections can add peace of mind for buyers. What is your role as a real estate agent, beyond recommending an inspection? First, don’t oversell the home inspection.…

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Flooded living room plumbing problems

Plumbing Problems? How to Avoid a Real Estate E&O Claim

Have you ever been in this situation? The inspection looked good, but it turned out there were major problems that went unnoticed. When the buyers found out, they…

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Disclosure with fountain pen

A Real Estate Licensee’s and Seller’s Duty to Disclose All Prior Inspection Reports on a Listed Property

The duty to disclose all that is material affecting price paid or desirability Over the years, I frequently come across risk management inquiries involving whether a seller and…

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two story home

Home Inspections: Don’t Oversell One to Your Real Estate Clients

Recommending a home inspection company is a helpful and valuable service a real estate agent can perform, however, it can also lead to a real estate lawsuit. And…

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Chinese Dry Wall

Signs of Possible Chinese Drywall Presence Residence was built after 2004 Mild to strong sulphur or “rotten egg” smell in the residence Rapid corrosion and blackening of metal…

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