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Chinese Dry Wall

Signs of Possible Chinese Drywall Presence

  • Residence was built after 2004
  • Mild to strong sulphur or “rotten egg” smell in the residence
  • Rapid corrosion and blackening of metal in air conditioning coils, plumbing piping and fixtures, wiring, and silver items
  • Unexplained respiratory distress of occupants that ceases when they leave the residence

What to Do

  • Ask seller if there is Chinese Drywall in residence or signs of presence and document their response
  • Advise buyer in writing to have the home inspected and, if necessary, tested for Chinese Drywall and other defects
  • Disclose presence of or signs of Chinese Drywall to your broker and all prospective buyers in writing
  • Have sellers and buyers sign a Chinese/Defective Drywall Addendum to contract (download contract)
  • Document the transaction file regarding all communications with the others and all inspections and testing results
  • Provide potential buyer with literature about Chinese Drywall

If you have any questions regarding Chinese Drywall, please call the CRES StressLess Hotline.

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