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Foreclosures, Short Sales, Flopping

home with short sale for sale sign

Short Sale Deficiencies – Risks for Real Estate Professionals and How to Manage Them

When property owners face financial hardship and can’t afford to pay their mortgage anymore, they may try and sell quickly to avoid foreclosure. They typically take what they…

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notice of foreclosure paper with key

Minimizing Real Estate Licensee Liability When Listing Foreclosure Properties

When you list a foreclosure property, there are risks that can lead to lawsuits if those risks aren’t properly managed. Here’s what to watch out for and how…

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hands holding a set of keys

Foreclosures with Tenants — How to Comply with the Law and Minimize Your Risk of a Lawsuit

The National Multifamily Housing Council estimates that around 43 million households or 109 million people are renters in the United States. So it’s likely that  at some stage…

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city road with green sign that says short sale

Managing Short Sales

Short sales don’t happen every day, but they’re relatively common in real estate. Some sellers who struggle to pay their mortgages will take a lower price for their…

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Are you afraid of Flopping? If not, you should be.

By James R. Myers, The Chartwell Law Offices, LLP, Ft Myers, FL Beware of Flopping As if our national real estate crisis has not been bad enough, a…

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