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CRES Risk Management Webinar: Owner Licensing for Long-Term Rentals – Denver County

Denver City Council recently passed a new bill that imposes licensing restrictions on long-term rental property owners. In this webinar, attorney Anthony Lally from White & Steele, and Dave Miller, Regional Vice President of Fidelity National Home Warranty, discuss what these changes mean for property owners and real estate professionals.  This informative webinar covers: WhatRead More

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CRES Risk Management Webinar: Contingencies, Multiple Offers, Deadlines, and More — Preventing Claims in Hot Real Estate Seller’s Markets

Contingencies, Multiple Offers, Deadlines, and More In many markets right now, there’s a limited amount of inventory and a surging demand for property. In this “hot seller’s market” with fast-moving properties, real estate professionals face increased risks.  In this webinar, attorney Jim Meseck, from White and Steele, and Dave Miller, who manages the CRES AdvantageRead More

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Denver City Council Bill 21-420 and Its Effect on the Denver Real Estate Market

Recently, the Denver City Council passed Bill 21-0420, which imposes licensing requirements on property owners offering long-term rentals within Denver County. (A copy of this signed bill can be found at the here) The City Council’s passage of Bill 21-0420 will undoubtedly impact potential buyers looking to invest in residential rental property. The real estateRead More

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Pitfalls for Colorado Brokers in a Seller’s Real Estate Market

Colorado is experiencing unprecedented market conditions that favor sellers of real property. The heavily favorable sellers’ real estate market is due to a combination of factors, including the large number of people moving to Colorado, favorable interest rates, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic (including the ability to work from virtually anywhere), and a limitedRead More

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Tips and Pointers for Professional Property Managers in Colorado

Property Manager experience: The leasing and management of real estate for a fee or compensation requires a real estate broker license and must be conducted through a licensed brokerage.  Licenses are issued by the Colorado Department of Regulatory Affairs, Division of Real Estate with oversight by the Colorado Real Estate Commission.  C.R.S. § 12-10-201(6).  Property ManagersRead More

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Colorado Possible Real Estate Effects of Quarantines due to COVID-19

March 18, 2020 These are unprecedented times for consumers and the real estate industry.  The Colorado real estate form contracts do not expressly address situations like this.  No one in the industry has experienced a similar event on such a scale. Nevertheless, CRES and our Colorado attorneys are analyzing the situation to anticipate legal andRead More

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Colorado Office Closures and Transaction Delays due to COVID-19

March 18, 2020 Although Colorado real estate form contracts do not expressly address situations like COVID-19, there are ways to handle effects on real estate transactions.  CRES and our Colorado attorneys are analyzing the situation to anticipate legal and practical challenges that face real estate professionals and consumers.  Here are some insights and thoughts: BrokersRead More

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Broker Beware: Colorado Short-Term Rental Regulations

“There is [Absolutely No Other] Place Like Home.” Denver, like many cities across the U.S., prohibits individuals from operating “any short-term rental in the City and County of Denver without a license.”  Denver Municipal Code further states that it is unlawful “to operate a short-term rental in any location that is not the applicant’s primaryRead More

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Lost Mineral Rights Claims On The Rise in Colorado

Real estate brokers in Colorado increasingly face lawsuits filed by sellers who have unintentionally contracted away their mineral rights when they intended to only sell the surface property rights.   The most common scenario is where the seller tells the listing broker about the intent to reserve the mineral rights.  However, when the deed isRead More

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When the Septic Hits the Fan: Colorado Specifics

In Colorado, new regulations were enacted regarding septic system requirements that every real estate agent and broker must know.  Many other states have not yet put these types of requirements in place, making Colorado an interesting case study in the types of regulations and permitting issues that can arise from septic system issues. Read theRead More

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