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When to Be Wary of Cash Buyers of Real Estate

Sometimes you may come across wealthy clients that want to pay cash for a property. In the United States, only around 23% of property sales are cash transactions. Typically, buyers purchasing for investment purposes and foreign clients are more likely to pay cash than other home buyers. But, when should you be concerned about aRead More

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Mortgage Fraud in Real Estate & Mortgage Brokering

As a real estate professional, you may come across mortgage fraud at some point during your career. Mortgage fraud can be defined as fraud related to property mortgages or equities. Typically, this involves a “mortgage fraud for housing” situation, where buyers misrepresent or purposely omit information in their loan application to secure a larger mortgageRead More

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Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Your Real Estate Business

Blockchain is changing the way we gather, store and use information.  And it’s now being tested and used for some real estate transactions. As of February 2018, New York and Arizona have started accepting blockchain contracts and cryptocurrency as legal tender. (Check with your state to see what current regulations are in place.) You shouldRead More

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Federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: what it means for you and your clients

Have you heard about the new Federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act? As an agent, it’s never a good idea to provide financial or tax advice to your clients, as this increases your risk of a lawsuit. But you will need an understanding of how it all works. This new Act is the most significantRead More

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Educate Your Home Sellers on FHA Loans to Reduce Your Risk of A Real Estate Lawsuit

Federal Housing Authority loans (FHA loans) have even higher loan limits for 2018 in many counties, which should make them an attractive option for a larger range of buyers.  But, there are risks that sellers’ agents should be aware of when dealing with FHA buyers. It’s critical that you inform your clients of potential issuesRead More

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What is a Seller Carryback? How to Protect the Seller and Yourself in a Seller Carryback Transaction

Seller carryback financing is when the seller of a given property acts as a lender for a buyer on the seller’s property. The end result is that the buyer signs a promissory note to the seller, for the amount of the carryback with a set interest rate, set monthly payments, and a set time forRead More

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Kenneth Harney: Home Buyers Pay Price for New Mortgage Rules

By KENNETH R. HARNEY WASHINGTON — It’s barely been two weeks since the nationwide changeover in mortgage and settlement procedures took effect, but the early results are trickling in: Lenders and brokers say just about everything is taking longer and the costs to home buyers are moving up. On Oct. 3, 2015 under a directiveRead More

General Surety Bond Application

Download this application to apply for a general surety bond.

Mortgage Broker Surety Bond Application

Download this application to apply for a mortgage broker surety bond.

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