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How to Keep Real Estate Customers Loyal During the Pandemic

As COVID-19 continues to impact the United States, businesses are grappling with how to move forward in this “new normal”. 

In your real estate business, there are some concrete steps you can take now to stay visible in front of customers and prospects.   

Stay in Regular Contact with Existing Clients

Even with COVID-19 restrictions, there are still plenty of opportunities to keep connected to your community and network. Check in with existing clients via email or a phone call:

  • Keep them informed about any delays to their transactions, as well as steps you’re taking to keep them and your office safe.
  • Advise your clients about any changes to your business, such as office hours, changes to key staff contact details, and anything else likely to have an impact on them. 

Personalized notes and messages can be a nice touch, but this is likely to depend on where you’re located and what the COVID-19 situation is in your area. Non-physical-contact options like email, Skype/Zoom or phone are the safest options if your city is still experiencing high numbers of COVID-19 cases.

Everyone is affected by the pandemic, and we’re all in this together. Simply keeping clients informed, letting them know you’re actively working on their behalf, and anticipating any questions and concerns can help ensure satisfied and loyal clients. 

Get In Touch With Your Prospects

Now is also a great time to connect with prospects. Some,  who were not in a position to sell pre-COVID-19, are now needing to sell quickly to avoid foreclosure or financial difficulty. 

  • Talk about your “quick-sell” marketing program to help attract those listings.

Others, whose employment has not been affected by the current crisis, may want to take the opportunity to buy now when prices are reasonable and mortgage rates are low. 

It’s equally important to keep connected to your associates and others in your network. It’s still possible to generate good leads during the pandemic, and you can’t do this without maintaining connections.  

Invest in Online Marketing

Online marketing is no doubt already a significant part of your real estate marketing arsenal. And with more and more people online during the pandemic, online marketing is even more important. 

So add new useful content to your website to attract prospects, and be sure to keep your listings up-to-date. Create engaging social media posts, including virtual tours. 

You should also use targeted and engaging emails  — to capture the interest of clients and opt-in prospects who are eagerly waiting for the right time to sell or buy.

It’s also an ideal time to experiment with tools such as Facebook Live, to actively engage your audience with property walkthroughs, Q&A sessions, and/or valuable information about the local property market. 

Think About the Big Picture 

How many people would have predicted 12 months ago that we would be facing a pandemic — and a significant shift in the way we all live our lives and do business? The effects of the coronavirus have been significant both in terms of lives lost, impact on individuals and families, and the impact to our industry and the economy. 

So take some time to think about how you can better engage with clients over the long term. Consider how to focus on a superior customer experience and build customer loyalty. Look strategically at how you can attract, nurture and retain clients now and into the future, so your business can not only survive, but thrive. 

Manage Your Risk with the Right Real Estate E&O

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