Recruiting the right real estate agents: Where they are and how to get them

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You have to be aggressive to find great talent. Placing an ad on Monster or any other job search site isn’t going to filter out the good recruits from the bad. You have to do the research and even cold call to find the professionals that will best fit your firm. In other words, you need to treat recruitment with the same level of tenacity and fervor as selling a property.

Gather counterintelligence

That’s right. You need to do a little spy work to find an exceptional real estate agent. Which firms are new agents looking for and why? What are their goals? What keywords are used in their resumes?

Knowing what agents desire in a firm allows you to position your firm as a place that offers the best of what they’re looking for. Interview a young rock star agent over lunch. Ask them what their immediate and long term goals are. Pay attention to key phrases and desires and then incorporate those phrases into your job posting.

Highlight keywords from the resumes and cover letters of agents you know to be exceptional. Put these keywords in your posting, and then look for them in candidate resumes you receive.

After you have gathered your information and you know what you are looking for, compile that information into a list to keep handy during your search. You can reference this list when posting the job announcement and while sorting through resumes and cover letters.

Go where real estate agents are

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and even Google+. Real estate happens online just as much or more than it does in the real world. Looking for the next best agent is nothing different. If they are looking on LinkedIn, go to LinkedIn and post about your firm. If they are auditing possible firms on Facebook, make sure your company’s Facebook profile includes key phrases and benefits that appeal to the right agents.

Attend young professionals dinners, industry mixers, and professional social events. Start looking, introducing and interviewing possible new recruits in a social setting. It’s fast, efficient, and a great way to save time. Which brings us to our next point:

Work smarter, not harder

Posting an open position online will result in dozens of applications. Whittle the stack down to the candidates that matter by searching out key phrases that line up with what you are looking for. The best way to do this? Ditch the paper! Have applicants submit their application, cover letter, and resume online. This way you can do a simple phrase search to find the candidates that align with your requirements.

Like attracts like

Look at your current team and your best agents. Ask them for recommendations on other real estate agents they feel would be perfect for your firm. See where they go and what they do. It’s likely that other successful agents will be in their networking groups. Maybe offer a finders fee for successful leads and ask them to introduce you at networking events.

Brand thyself

Make sure that your company culture and brand are easy to find and easy to comprehend. Cover social media with it, exhibit it in the office, and be sure to stick to that culture when interviewing and following up with potential recruits. People want more than a job — they want a company where they will enjoy working.

And finally, keep it personal

Boilerplate email follow-ups with a great recruit will not do. Instead, follow up with a personal phone call or email. Convey that they are a high priority to you, show that you’re interested in them by mentioning specifics from their resume or prior discussion with you, and let them know that you’ll be getting back to them quickly.

Multiple firms will court great recruits. It is up to you to get organized, know what you want, gather information on that type of recruit, and then reach out to them before somebody else does.

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Originally Published July 27, 2016

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