Staging a Home

living room staged with gray and black chair and couch

Ways Your Agents Can Use Home Staging to Boost Sales

Did you know that 83% of buyer’s agents said staging a home made it easier for the buyer to visualize the property as their future home, according to the National Association of REALTORS® 2019 Profile of Home Staging?  Furthermore, a quarter of buyer’s agents said that staging increases offers on properties by 1%-5% compared toRead More

kitchen with virtual furniture on ipad

How to Avoid Real Estate Lawsuits from Virtual Staging

Want quicker sales and higher sales prices? Staging a home might be the ticket, because it helps potential buyers see themselves living in a property. And then there’s virtual staging—using technology to present a property as it could be. Virtual staging has some significant benefits. For starters, it often costs a fraction of the costRead More

Luxurious bedroom

Pictures, Pain and Price – Secrets to Overcoming Seller Staging Objections

As a real estate professional, your goal is to sell your clients’ homes at top dollar. Unfortunately, there’s a good chance you have faced some uphill battles trying to convince sellers to spend money on your home staging and selling tips. Short of volunteering to put on painter overalls and climb a ladder with paintRead More

Real estate brokers: do you really know what your agents are doing? Claims are on the rise due to agents’ “hidden”… Give your sellers a CRES Qualified Home Warranty from First American. This includes 14 SEER compatibility, no cap o…