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The Most Useful Apps & Resources for Real Estate Agents in 2019

With around 2.1 million apps in the App Store, it’s not easy to navigate which apps and resources you should download as a real estate professional. To save you time and effort, we’ve researched and reviewed some apps for you.

Trust Stamp

Trust Stamp, championed by the NAR (NAR), uses a combination of artificial intelligence, public records, and social media to confirm the identity of strangers. The app enables real estate agents to confirm the trustworthiness of new contacts before meeting them and showing them your client’s properties. All data is protected and secure.  After you’ve reviewed your new client’s profile, their data is deleted.

Currently, the app is only available for REALTORS®.  NAR members can access Trust Stamp for free as part of your membership. Just register for an account on the Trust Stamp website and use your NRDS number to access it.


Dotloop allows you to reduce paperwork, collaborate, edit, share and electronically sign documents. Real estate agents are able to upload documents and highlight spaces that require a client signature.  To ensure it’s actually the client signing the document, Dotloop verifies his or her identity beforehand and all data is encrypted and secure. Dotloop pricing is $29/month for individual real estate agents. Dotloop is owned by Zillow.

Follow Up Boss

Follow Up Boss is a simple customer relationship management (CRM) system that allows you and your team to focus on what’s important. It creates better workflows within your real estate business. Agents call and text through Follow Up Boss and records are kept on the client’s profile. This means you can keep track of your agent’s progress as well as all communications to the client, information which will be very useful if you ever find yourself facing legal action. Pricing for Follow Up Boss is $49/month for the basic package, up to $99+ per month to access premium features.


Magicplan enables real estate agents to scan a room in just 30 seconds and create a floorplan with their mobile device. The app can confirm sizes of each room, build accurate property floor plans and it can be used to create 3D models and virtual tours. Magicplan floor plans have an accuracy of 95%, but to improve accuracy to 100%, the app can be connected to a laser. With Magicplan, you can pay per floor plan or through a monthly subscription for multiple floor plans each month.

Box Brownie

According to the NAR, 83% of buyers’ agents say that staging a home makes it easier for a buyer to visualize the property as their future home. But you can do it virtually for a fraction of the cost, without the worry of moving furniture in and around the property (especially a concern for small apartments, where you don’t want to damage the walls by moving furniture in and out of tight spaces).  With Box Brownie, you pay per image and there are also options to edit your own staged photographs.

Tiny Scanner

Never lose an important document while on the road again with this mobile scanning device. The Tiny Scanner app turns your smartphone into a “tiny scanner”, allowing you to scan and upload important documents while on the run. Available for iOS and Android phones, you can scan signed documents, receipts, or any other paperwork from your mobile office. The app scans everything as either an image or a PDF, and you can send it immediately via your mobile device.


SignEasy allows real estate agents to obtain easy and secure electronic signatures from anywhere, on any device. From contracts and invoices to work orders and approvals, documents signed with SignEasy are compliant with ESIGN (US). Real estate agents can also set up biometric authentication or a passcode to protect your signature, as well as your clients’ signatures. SignEasy ensures all of your documents are secure and prices vary from $10 to $60/month.

Kinetic Global (formerly LifeLine Response)

Kinetic Global is a personal safety app you can download on your mobile phone, which can help you if you face an emergency situation in the course of your work. For example, if a client or potential buyer exhibits threatening behavior or if you are approached by a criminal in the course of your real estate business. The app allows you to set off an alarm to deter your attackers, or you can use the silent alarm to seek assistance. In the event of an emergency, your GPS location will be sent to the authorities, and you can also set up emergency contacts who will be informed that you’re in danger. The app is also compatible with Apple Watches. Individual plans are $3.75 per month, and if you have a team, you can add up to 4 phones on the family plan and receive a 25% discount.

Reducing Your Risk with Adequate Insurance

New apps that can help you in your real estate business are released frequently. Some apps help you to become more productive, some help improve customer service, and others can help you reduce your risk. But, the best protective measure for your real estate business is to ensure you have adequate E&O Insurance. For a policy check-up or free quote, contact CRES at 800.880.2747. CRES helps you prevent claims before they become big problems and/or potential lawsuits.

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