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Septic System E&O Claims Are Climbing: Here’s How to Prevent Them

This article is based on a presentation by Diana Mendez and Jim Meseck, White and Steele; Colorado.  The information below is for informational purposes only and references regulations in Colorado. Be sure to check specific regulations and permit requirements in the county/state of the property in question. If you’re a CRES Customer and have questionsRead More

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When the Septic Hits the Fan: Colorado Specifics

In Colorado, new regulations were enacted regarding septic system requirements that every real estate agent and broker must know.  Many other states have not yet put these types of requirements in place, making Colorado an interesting case study in the types of regulations and permitting issues that can arise from septic system issues. Read theRead More

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When the Septic Hits the Fan

Over the past few years, a new breed of real estate malpractice litigation has surfaced: septic system permitting and inspection disputes. Due to increased septic system regulations, several states and municipalities have passed septic system transfer-of-title mandatory inspections and permitting requirements that may affect your next real estate transaction. These claims all follow a similarRead More

Colorado Realtors®: it's time to renew your E&O policy. CRES Real Estate E&O FAR EXCEEDS the coverage of the group… Property damage, injury and theft are just 3 risks if Realtors® allow unescorted access to a listing. Learn risk mi…