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Taking Your Virtual Property Tours to the Next Level

Virtual property tours have been around for a while — but are now more important than ever. Although many real estate professionals (and prospective buyers) may favor in-person showings, the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the industry — and the home-buying process. 

How can you take your virtual property tours to the next level, so you can stand out from the crowd? Here are some tips to get it right in this highly competitive marketplace.

What Makes a Great Virtual Property Tour?

  1. An Immersive Experience

Great virtual property tours go far beyond a slideshow of static pictures. They provide a realistic online experience for prospective buyers in a fun and modern way. If you offer buyers an opportunity to immerse themselves in the property from every angle, with 3D virtual and/or interactive tours, this can give you the virtual property tour an edge. 

3D tours allow buyers to virtually walk through each room in the home. They can step through it at their own pace, pause to take in unique features, and change direction to their heart’s content. 

  1. Accurate Floorplans and Measurements

Research suggests that prospects want accurate measurements of the rooms they explore via virtual property tours. This gives them the ability to picture how they might live in the property, where their furniture will fit, and how they can add their own sense of style to the home.  

  1. Focus on Great Features

Many real estate professionals make the mistake of filming virtual property tours in the same way they might guide an in-person showing. But, with virtual tours, you have a unique opportunity to frame the property exactly as you want. You can angle the camera to take advantage of the best features. 

Start with the property’s most outstanding features, whether that be a marble bathroom or an amazing poolside entertaining area. Show prospects what’s unique about the property, and why they should consider it for their new home. And encourage them to contact you for further information. 

  1. Use The Advantage of Natural Light

Properties don’t need to look like model homes for virtual property tours, but they must look inviting. For best results, try to do your filming during the day when natural light will give the property a fresh and bright look. 

  1. Ensure Your Virtual Tours Are Mobile-Friendly

It’s important that your virtual tours are viewable on any device. According to NAR, more than 75% of buyers find their new homes using a mobile device. So mobile-friendly virtual tours are essential. Make Your Virtual Property Tours Stand Out From Your Competition

While you only need a smartphone to create a virtual tour, consider using a tripod, microphone, and lighting (where appropriate) for a more professional look. These extra steps will help you show the property in the best way possible.

And explore the latest in technology, tools, and apps:

  • Matterport allows you to digitize the property from multiple angles. It scans to get accurate measurements, and you can create 3D guided walkthroughs, schematic floor plans, and other multimedia.
  • Immoviewer can help you automate your property video creation to create professional 3D, 360-degree view tours for your prospects. You can show floorplans, measurements, and even highlight property features in each room.
  • FloorPlanOnline has self-service, partial service. and full-service options to help you create your virtual property tours.
  • BombBomb is more targeted toward sending videos to prospects on your list. The tool allows you to quickly and easily record, send and track your video emails, to help engage audiences and improve the experience. 

Other tools to check out are EyeSpy360 and Cupix. Also consider incorporating drone photography into your virtual property tours, especially for large estates and country homes.

Virtual Property Tours Help Build Business

Virtual property tours enable you to reach a wider audience, including potential house hunters outside of your local area. What’s more, prospects can access the virtual tour 24/7 at their own convenience. 

Showing the property virtually also saves time for you as the real estate agent. It eliminates those first viewings that will never end up in a sale. It’s a way of ‘qualifying’ buyers before you spend your valuable time showing the property in person. The prospects that contact you to view the property are already genuinely interested, after seeing what the home has to offer. This means you have a greater chance of closing the sale.

Protecting Your Real Estate Business

As with all aspects of real estate, there are risks with virtual property tours. It’s important to ensure you have adequate Errors and Omissions insurance coverage to protect yourself and your business from potential lawsuits and claims. 

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