Claim Prevention & Risk Management

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Don’t Try to Resolve Real Estate Issues that Could Become E&O Claims on Your Own

Have you ever received a call from unhappy buyers because of misinformation in an MLS listing? Trying to deal with issues like these can be a big headache—and lead to lawsuits. That’s why you want to get support early in the process when there is still time to help prevent claims and potential litigation. CRESRead More

Cres Permit History Report on computer

Permit History Reports: A Tool to Prevent Real Estate Lawsuits?

You may have discovered that Permit History Reports can be difficult for real estate agents to access.   Typically, you have to  check with city and county offices depending on the type of work done.  This can be so time-consuming for a busy agent that it may seem impractical to generate your own Permit History Reports.Read More

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Report a Potential Real Estate E&O Incident Real-time to Reduce Risk of Coverage Denial

Understand Your Real Estate E&O Insurance Has your claim ever been denied for failing to meet the reporting requirements under the policy terms? One common reason a claim is denied is for an insured’s failure to meet the reporting requirements. Real Estate E&O is a very unique and specific policy where the claim has toRead More

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ClaimPrevent® Risk Management Legal Advice to the Rescue

Have you ever overlooked something small that could have big repercussions? Most real estate professionals have. But this is just one case where some Risk Management, aka ‘claim prevention services’ can save the day. One Friday the CRES ClaimPrevent® Risk Management Hotline (available to CRES E&O policyholders as part of your E&O insurance) received aRead More

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How to Avoid a Real Estate Lawsuit

Real estate professionals are vulnerable when it comes to a lawsuit. Real estate is a big business, with multiple parties, lots of moving parts, and ever-shifting market regulations and laws. It is no wonder that things can slip through the cracks, paperwork errors happen, and people get injured. So how can you arm yourself toRead More

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How to Advise Foreign Language or Visually Impaired Real Estate Clients

Advising a client who is sight impaired or who cannot read or write in the English language Over the years as a real estate attorney in litigated and risk management inquiries, I have had to deal with situations where a licensed real estate agent in the State of California is representing a client who isRead More

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Top Seven Real Estate Lawsuit Risks for Agents

You can do everything within your power to prevent a claim, but you cannot guarantee a career free of claims or litigation. There are many moving parts and pieces involved in real estate transactions, with some variables out of your control. You can, however, be aware of the most common claims and take steps toRead More

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Is Your Website ADA Compliant? —A New Cyber Risk

The purpose of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), enacted in 1992, is to assure equal access and services to disabled individuals. The ADA makes it unlawful to discriminate against people with disabilities. Title III of the Act prohibits entities that own, lease, or operate a place of public accommodation from discriminating against the disabled.Read More

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Americans with Disabilities Act Website Lawsuits

The 1990 “Americans with Disabilities Act” (hereinafter “ADA”) is a federal civil rights law designed to prevent discrimination based upon one’s disability. Disabilities covered, but not limited to those of hearing, mobility, and sight. Discrimination based upon one’s “disability” is illegal in all fifty (50) states and United States territories. The covered disabilities under theRead More

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Be Your Buyer’s Hero With Building Permit History Reports

One in five claims against real estate professionals is the result of a permit issue. One. In. Five. While not all of these claims can be prevented, a massive portion can be avoided by simply running a CRES Building Permit History Report. So what is stopping the client–or you–from doing so? A Building Permit HistoryRead More

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