The Pitfalls of Failing to Disclose in Real Estate: a CRES Risk Management Video Webinar

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The majority of real estate E&O lawsuits are a result of failures to disclose. In this webinar, attorney Mark Carlson from Carlson Law Group and Dave Miller, Regional Vice President with Fidelity National Home Warranty, discuss the pitfalls of failing to disclose. 

Whether it’s a simple mistake or an intentional failure to disclose, you can find yourself in hot water if a buyer discovers major property issues after the transaction is complete. Real estate agents must be extra diligent to avoid legal issues. 

This comprehensive and informative webinar covers:

  • What agents should watch out for when inspecting properties 
  • If something looks wrong, why you should ask about it
  • Dealing with properties that have termite and rodent issues
  • Working in a ‘hot market’ and the dangers of submitting non-contingent offers 
  • Working as a buyer’s agent or seller’s agent for flipped properties 
  • The concept of ‘interviewing’ sellers
  • Why getting sellers to fill in their own disclosure forms is crucial
  • Negligent non-disclosure vs intentional misrepresentation 
  • Inspection periods where there are multiple offers

To watch the full webinar and find out more:

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Originally Published November 3, 2020

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