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Employee And Independent Contractor Protocol In California

Employee And Independent Contractor Protocol In California Property owners, property managers and real estate agents face a lot of hidden dangers from a risk management perspective in remodeling and repairing structures and maintaining and improving the property’s grounds. People that…

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California’s COVID-19 Residential Eviction Moratorium

California residential renters that are struggling to pay rent during the Covid-19 pandemic are shielded from eviction through September 30, 2021: Tenants have a defense in court should their landlord try to evict them over non-payment of rent through September…

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What Is a Subpoena in California?

A subpoena is an order issued by either an attorney, court clerk or a judge. Subpoenas are used to obtain records and information from people or entities who are not parties to a lawsuit.  A subpoena usually requires you to…

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California’s Home Hardening Fire Disclosure Law

The State of California enacted legislation on 2019 effecting homeowners beginning January 1, 2020 who place their homes on the market to sell. Any seller after construction of his or her home that has received a final governmental inspection report…

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