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Facebook can be used effectively to represent your real estate business.  In 2014, 71% of adults in the US were using Facebook daily. By creating a Facebook business page, you have the potential to get in front of a large chunk of the market.

Setting up a page is simple. Take the time to set it up well the first time, and you will get plenty of mileage out of it.

Log In

Log in to your personal Facebook account. If you don’t already have an account and a personal profile, you can set one up fairly quickly from Facebook’s home page. You do not have to develop your personal profile in order to create a business page, but a business page has to “belong” to someone with a personal profile.

Create your page

Facebook is pretty clear as they walk you through the steps. The first item to determine is the classification of your business. For a real estate agent, the best bet is to select “Company or Organization.” There are certain limitations woven into each type of page so to avoid future problems with sharing, engaging and advertising, stick with “Company or Organization” rather than “Artist, Band or Public Profile”

Name your page

This step is very important. Put some thought into it. You are only allowed to change the name of your page ONE time. It’s best to avoid being clever or cute as well. All of the content on your Facebook page is searchable. For example you could use: John Q Smith –Realtor or Real Estate with John Q Smith. To get a feel for what is found in a Facebook search, click in the search box and type in realtor, real estate agent, or real estate. That’s what your potential clients will be doing.

Optimize your page with terms your audience is looking for

The words and phrases that you use to set up your Facebook business page are also important. As mentioned earlier, they are searchable and indexed by Google. You have an opportunity to maximize your exposure by creating an informative but brief description of your Real Estate business. Learn more about what to share about you and your business here.

In the “About” section of the business page, you also want to include the URL to your website if you have one. This information will show up on your page in the upper left hand corner below the cover and profile photos. Facebook can guide people to your website, and your website can guide people to your Facebook Page.  It’s a great idea to make a bridge between the two, giving people two ways to communicate with you, learn about you, and hopefully become a new customer for you.

Add photos

Take care when choosing your cover photo. Facebook recommends that cover photos be 851×315 pixels. If you go any larger or smaller, you run the risk of an image that’s not very clear or attractive. Once you’ve selected your image, you can pull it into image editing software such as Canva or PicMonkey (both free to use), resize it, and add your branding or a simple message or tagline.

When choosing a profile photo, you want to crop the selected image to 180×180 pixels. Prospective buyers and sellers want to do business with a person, not a logo, when they are searching for a Realtor®, so for best results on a business page, use a smiling head shot photo.

It is appropriate, and encouraged, to change out your cover photo periodically to highlight things like a recent sale, a collage of homes for sale, or a photo of your gorgeous office location if you have one. Just be sure that your cover photos always look polished and professional. Your Facebook business page needs to be a wealth of information for your potential customers, but it also needs to look amazing.

Another great idea is to have a series of cover photos that you switch out seasonally, especially if your Real Estate Market is located in an area that provides for stunning seasonal photography.

Connect. Find your audience and bring them fantastic content.               

Here is where the fun begins. Once you are set up, it is time to go looking for sources of content that you can share with your soon to be list of followers and fans.

Let’s say for example that you are a Realtor® in New York City. One of the first pages you are probably going to want to “Like” would be the “New York, New York” page. Once you have liked the page, all of their content will show up in your news feed. You can share that content with your fans and followers using the “Share” button on any individual post. When someone likes your business page, any content you create or share can potentially show up in their news feed.

Find people to follow you using Graph Search

At the top of the page in the rectangular white box with the magnifying glass icon, you will find Facebook’s Graph Search. If you type into that box: “People who live in NYC” or “Small businesses in NYC” you will have more pages and profiles to explore, like and invite to “Like” your page. Play around with it and have fun. It takes some time to build up your page with fans, followers and a healthy news feed.

Sharing content that comes through your newsfeed is a great way to curate content to share with your audience, but you should also create your own content. Share listings, recent sales, photos of happy customers, or examples of beautiful scenery in the area that you work.

It’s always acceptable to have a mix of personal and business content on your business page; remember, people want to know that their Real Estate Professional is also a person. You will be amazed at the engagement you will get from vacation, family or pet pictures. The key is to find the balance and not overshare your personal details.

Here is a tip for you. In the setup process, Facebook will ask you if you want to like your own page. Resist that action for the time being. Once you do that, your activity shows up in your personal timeline and everyone who likes and follows you will see that you liked the new business page. You probably don’t want to send a bunch of people to a completely empty page.

The Admin panel

The less glamorous part of your new Facebook business page is getting to know your admin panel.

Click on “Settings,” and you will see a long list of categories, with many options within the categories to manage your page. This is where you can determine who can work on your page. If you have a personal assistant for example, you might want to give them administrative rights to post on your behalf.

Don’t be afraid to click around and get a feel for all of the places that you can put in some great optimized content about your Real Estate Agency or business.

Ready to get started? Head over to set up your Facebook business page.


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Originally Published July 29, 2015

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