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Reimagining Your Real Estate Brokerage in a Post-Pandemic World

Things are opening up. Emergency orders have been lifted in many places. Rules about masking, social distancing, and group gatherings are changing. If the pandemic taught us anything, it was, perhaps, how to adapt and pivot. Things are changing again as the United States reopens, but COVID-19 has changed the world. Some things aren’t likelyRead More

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CRES Risk Management Webinar: Possible Pitfalls of Real Estate Whisper Listings

Given the current Seller’s market and scarcity of homes for sale, office- exclusive listings (also called whisper listings) have become a more common occurrence.  In this situation, a broker/agent takes a listing with a buyer in mind, so the property is never advertised to the general public via the MLS and/or other public sources.   ThisRead More

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6 Tips to Deal With Cluttered Properties and Minimize Your Risks

Clutter is a problem for 50% of Americans who say they’re overwhelmed with it. Clutter can mean a garage you can’t use for a car, money wasted on a storage space, or a less enjoyable (or even dangerous) living space. Selling cluttered properties or hoarder’s homes can be quite difficult for real estate agents — andRead More

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Safer Practices for Rejecting Real Estate Offers

If you’re buried in offers (usually a good problem to have), this webinar covers some key points to know to stay out of trouble. (We talk with an attorney in Nevada, but her suggestions may apply to your state as well. Be sure to review your own state regulations.) Nevada Revised Statutes  645.254(4) states that, “ARead More

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Property Showings on Rainy Days — How to Minimize the Risks

Real estate professionals face risks every day, especially from property showings and open houses. And when you’re trying to conduct showings or open houses  on rainy days, that adds yet another layer of risk that real estate agents need to be aware of.  What happens if a client accidentally slips on a slippery driveway orRead More

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CRES Risk Management Webinar: Preventing Claims in this Hot Seller’s Market – Part 2 (Nevada)

Escalation Clauses, Appraisal Addendums, and More In a hot seller’s market, there are increased risks for real estate professionals. And we’ve uncovered more of them in looking specifically at Nevada. In this webinar, attorney Kathryn Holbert, from Farmer Case & Fedor, and Dave Miller, who manages the CRES Advantage Home Warranty Plan, discuss how realRead More

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CRES Risk Management Webinar: Owner Licensing for Long-Term Rentals – Denver County

Denver City Council recently passed a new bill that imposes licensing restrictions on long-term rental property owners. In this webinar, attorney Anthony Lally from White & Steele, and Dave Miller, Regional Vice President of Fidelity National Home Warranty, discuss what these changes mean for property owners and real estate professionals.  This informative webinar covers: WhatRead More

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How to Sell Property Where Squatters Have Lived and Reduce Your Risks

Squatting is the unauthorized use of a property. It’s trespassing without the permission of the landowner, and usually over a significant period of time.  If you’re a real estate professional, you may at some point need to sell a property that’s been inhabited by squatters. But, there are risks to consider.  Here are some tipsRead More

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4 Reasons Why You Need a Social Media Policy for Your Real Estate Brokerage

Recent research shows 72% of Americans use some form of social media. This is a significant increase of 67% since the Pew Research Center began tracking social media adoption in 2005. The most commonly used platforms are YouTube and Facebook. Other social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest have a smaller marketRead More

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CRES Risk Management Webinar: Preventing Claims in this Hot Real Estate Seller’s Market – Part 1 (Colorado)

In many markets right now, there’s a limited amount of inventory and a surging demand for property. In this “hot seller’s market” with fast-moving properties, real estate professionals face increased risks.  In this webinar, attorney Jim Meseck, from White and Steele, and Dave Miller, who manages the CRES Advantage Home Warranty Program, discuss how realRead More

What Covid-19 driven changes will continue to affect your real estate business in a post-pandemic world? Cluttered homes can look bad, smell bad, and hide a number of problems and risks. What do you need to know to sell…