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How to Represent Properties with Marijuana Cultivation

Several states have enacted laws that make marijuana use and cultivation legal in their states, but federal law still prohibits the use and cultivation of marijuana for medical or recreational purposes. If you are in one of the states that has legalized, you’ll want to consider the risks to your real estate business. Real EstateRead More

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Should Your Client Use Amazon Key for Real Estate Showings?

Amazon Key allows delivery people to enter a home to place packages inside.  The app is now expanding to new uses—including home showings. What effect will Amazon Key have on real estate agents? What do you need to know about Amazon Key if your clients use it? Here are the risks to know before youRead More

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How To Avoid A Real Estate Lawsuit When Selling A Storm-Damaged Home

Natural disaster can come at any time — whether it’s a hurricane, like we’ve seen recently in Florida, or the unprecedented flooding in Houston. The trail of disaster leaves a lasting impact on people, communities and properties. As a real estate agent, this can affect your business. It’s not uncommon for property prices to plummet.Read More

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What Real Estate Agents Need to Know about Smart Homes

With smart home technology on the rise, it’s important for real estate agents to know what’s available and how to showcase it. But, smart technology brings its own set of potential pitfalls.  Here’s what you should  know to protect yourself  and your clients from misrepresentation, malfunction or breech. What is Smart Home Technology? Smart homeRead More

3 Ways to Avoid a Real Estate Lawsuit When Using Social Media

Social media can be a great way to showcase listings, build relationships, and connect with clients and potential clients. But to maximize its benefits, you need a solid social media strategy. You also need a social media safety plan, so your posts don’t land you in court. Avoiding a real estate lawsuit related to socialRead More

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How to Avoid Real Estate Lawsuits from Virtual Staging

Want quicker sales and higher sales prices? Staging a home might be the ticket, because it helps potential buyers see themselves living in a property. And then there’s virtual staging—using technology to present a property as it could be. Virtual staging has some significant benefits. For starters, it often costs a fraction of the costRead More

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What to Do When A Real Estate Lawyer Wants to Talk to You

Don’t let a simple inquiry escalate into a real estate E&O claim You see the email pop into your inbox, or the receptionist tells you there’s an attorney on the phone. It’s a real estate lawyer, and they have some challenging questions for you. Don’t panic. Here is what you need to know before youRead More

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Three Ways to Protect Yourself From Foundation-Related Lawsuits

Foundation issues are among the most common problems found in home inspections, and foundation defects and cracks are among issues you need to disclose in most places. When foundation issues aren’t disclosed and show up later, a lawsuit is likely. In Connecticut, a homeowner brought a civil case against Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC, subsidiaries,Read More

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Can You Avoid Real Estate Lawsuits with Good Customer Service?

Your excellent customer service is essential in real estate. Satisfied clients stick with you, become repeat customers, and refer others to you. Dissatisfied clients, on the other hand, may spread negative reviews or sue. The reality is that things go wrong or problems crop up even when you’ve tried to do everything right.  So howRead More

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How to Advise Your Real Estate Client About Bad Odors

You may talk to your sellers about curb appeal, decluttering and staging.  But there’s something else that can make a terrible first impression: smell. Troublesome odors may make potential buyers leave before really seeing the property, or the smell may lead to a subconscious negative opinion. And the tricky thing about smells is that homeownersRead More

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