Military Lease Termination: What Property Managers Need to Know

Property managers may be faced with tenants who want to terminate a lease before it expires for a number of reasons. Leases exist for a reason and have regulations about how they can be ended, but what happens when the tenant is a military member?  Recently we talked to a CRES client who’s a propertyRead More

Managing Alcohol-Related Liabilities in Your Real Estate Business

Do you provide hospitality to sellers, buyers, or even your own team of real estate agents? Where do you stand with alcohol? What happens, for example, if you serve alcohol at an open house, an event or function, and something goes wrong? What happens if a client has an accident on the way home afterRead More

What to Do if You Suspect Money Laundering Through a Real Estate Sale

Money laundering is a growing concern in America. Criminals are getting smarter at finding ways to launder their proceeds of crime, and the real estate industry has become a major target.  Have you suspected money laundering or suspicious activity in the course of your business? It’s important to be aware that it can happen andRead More

Remote Access for Your Real Estate Team — Security Issues and Tips

Your team members need to be mobile, so they can do their jobs effectively. This means remote access to your company’s server, client files and emails. But what happens if an agent’s device falls into the wrong hands? Or what if you’re hacked?  As a real estate broker, you need to be aware of theRead More

Managing Your Risk When Selling a Car-Crash- Prone Property

As a real estate professional, your likelihood of being sued can increase when selling high-risk properties. Homes on busy roads or intersections, on tight corners, or in other locations where car crashes are a strong possibility can pose a risk to buyers. This has the potential to end up being your problem if they slapRead More

Key Considerations When Dealing with “Seniors Only” Property

Properties for seniors is a growing market in the real estate industry. According to Inman, one in 5 residents will be of retirement age by 2030. In 2013 alone, sales of seniors’ property (including assisted living and congregate care facilities) increased from $1.18 billion to $1.59 billion.  Moving into seniors-only property is an attractive optionRead More

Electronic Document Signing — Managing the Risk

Every good real estate agent wants to expedite the sales process and make it easier for buyers and sellers. Electronic document signing technology can help, especially when dealing with out-of-town buyers or sellers,  or whenever arranging an in-person meeting is difficult. But, you face additional risks when using electronic document signing technology. Risk #1: EnsuringRead More

team interlocking hands

Accommodating Mental Health Disabilities Within Your Team

Millions of people are affected by mental health issues and mental illness in the United States. When we talk about mental illness, this is a general term which includes conditions such as:  Anxiety, mood disorders, bipolar, schizophrenia, and other such illnesses.  Mental health problems can affect how an individual thinks, feels, behaves — and alsoRead More

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Does a Low Appraisal Need to Be Shared with the Seller?

It’s no surprise that appraisals are part of the process when it comes to real estate sales, but sometimes low appraisals can be a surprise. When this happens, lenders may decline to finance. And, if there’s a home appraisal or loan contingency, the sale may not go through. Recently we talked to a CRES clientRead More

man in wheelchair

Dealing with Real Estate Clients with Physical Disabilities

As a real estate agent, you deal with different types of people every day. In fact, being able to communicate with a myriad of people is one of the true strengths of a successful real estate agent. But what should you do when dealing with clients with physical disabilities to make sure you don’t endRead More

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