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When Omissions Get Real Estate Licensees In Hot Water

Usually, when you say ‘omissions’ in real estate, people think immediately about disclosures. Failure to disclose defects or major issues with a property is a major reason that…

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Real Estate Purchase Agreement with a pen

Real Estate Licensees Beware of Zillow Purchase Agreements

In many transactions, Zillow acts as seller and insists on using its own purchase agreement. Below are issues you should consider when advising your buyers whether/how to use…

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Rental Ads Cannot Prohibit Applicants Based on Criminal History


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diving board in a residential pool

Selling a Home with a Diving Board

Are you a real estate licensee trying to sell a home with a diving board? While pools and spas are a common property feature, diving boards are not…

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Dealing with Real Estate Clients Who Have a Mental Illness

According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), one in five adults living in the United States lives with a mental illness. This includes more common issues…

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How To Stop Your Real Estate Licensees from Going Rogue

As a real estate broker, you always try to recruit the best possible licensees. Those that share the same vision and values, and people who you can lead…

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CFPB and DOJ Issue Notices About Legal Housing Protections for Military Families

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) have issued notices to landlords and housing providers, as well as mortgage servicers, regarding protections…

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Why Real Estate Brokers and Licensees Should Not Request Inspections

As a broker, we know you want to be helpful to your clients. You want your team to be helpful too and provide a high level of customer…

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Finger Pointing Law

How Accidentally Saying the Wrong Thing Can Lead to a Real Estate Lawsuit

Accuracy matters in real estate. A licensee can accidentally say the wrong thing and cause a lawsuit. Here are some things to watch out for to avoid a…

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Green House Keys

Real Estate E&O Tail Coverage – Everything You Need to Know

Tail E&O Coverage for real estate professionals ensures you’re covered for past transactions, even after your E&O insurance coverage has lapsed. It’s especially useful if you’re retiring or…

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When Real Estate Professionals Buy a Home Warranty for a Listing to Seal the Deal

Have a listing that just isn’t moving? Is it an older property? Might it attract first-time buyers? More Real Estate Licensees Purchasing a Home Warranty Plans It’s becoming…

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teammates putting hands together over desk

How to Cultivate a Culture of Equity and Inclusion Among Your Real Estate Team

In your role as a real estate broker, you and your team will deal with people from different backgrounds, races, cultures, ages, genders and occupations. To run a…

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man looking at camera with magnifying glass

Do You REALLY Know What Your Real Estate Team Members Are Doing?

Coming off the challenges of the pandemic, your real estate business may now be booming. With some real estate professionals feeling there aren’t enough hours in the day,…

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man in suit pointing finger at camera

How to Avoid Real Estate E&O Claims Responsibly and Eliminate Finger-Pointing

As a real estate professional, you always want to come across as knowledgeable and helpful to your clients. However, you could find yourself facing a lawsuit if you…

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New Mexico Update on Eviction Moratorium

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a new order that would stay evictions for most renters impacted financially by the COVID-19 pandemic until Oct.…

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Man checking his mobile phone outside a brick building

How to Handle Negative Online Reviews For Your Brokerage

According to the Pew Research Center, 85% of Americans go online daily. That percentage includes 31% of people who report they’re online almost constantly and 48% who say…

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Yellow Crime Scene tape

Selling a ‘Stigmatized’ Property

According to the NAR, a ‘stigmatized’ property is a place that has been ‘psychologically impacted by an event which occurred or was suspected to have occurred’. It’s where…

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legal agreement between two people

What Is a Subpoena in California?

A subpoena is an order issued by either an attorney, court clerk or a judge. Subpoenas are used to obtain records and information from people or entities who…

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Small caution cone on keyboard

How to Help Your Real Estate Clients Avoid Deed Fraud and Scams

Deed fraud is on the rise, and real estate agents must be vigilant to help clients avoid these increasingly sophisticated scams.  What is Deed Fraud? It typically involves…

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5 Tips to Create an Effective Risk Management Framework for Your Brokerage

Every small business can benefit from having a risk management framework in place to minimize risk, liability and lawsuits. But for real estate brokers, it’s truly essential to…

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Crane demolishing a structure

6 Pitfalls When Selling Homes That Need to be Demolished

Selling homes that need to be demolished can be challenging for real estate agents. There are safety issues and other potential risks to consider. If you want to…

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Man using a tablet

How To Prevent a Ransomware Attack

Your real estate brokerage, mortgage brokerage, property management company, or appraisal company is dependent upon electronics to function on a day-to- day basis from emails, online research, electronic…

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Young woman at laptop with pencil in her mouth

CRES Risk Management Webinar: Risks to Real Estate Licensees Representing Sellers When Low Inventory

There are extremely low inventory levels for housing across multiple states right now. A significant portion of the real estate market are individuals who are simultaneously selling a…

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A woman's face with finger across lips suggesting to whisper

CRES Risk Management Webinar: Possible Pitfalls of Real Estate Whisper Listings

Given the current Seller’s market and scarcity of homes for sale, office- exclusive listings (also called whisper listings) have become a more common occurrence.  In this situation, a…

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Messy table with Plates, bowls, glasses, and frying pan

6 Tips to Deal With Cluttered Properties and Minimize Your Risks

Clutter is a problem for 50% of Americans who say they’re overwhelmed with it. Clutter can mean a garage you can’t use for a car, money wasted on…

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Remnants of a woodland fire with embers and smoke

California’s Home Hardening Fire Disclosure Law

The State of California enacted legislation on 2019 effecting homeowners beginning January 1, 2020 who place their homes on the market to sell. Any seller after construction of…

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business graph arrow trending upward with person drawing in marker

CRES Risk Management Webinar: Escalation Clauses, Appraisal Addendums, and More

In a hot seller’s market, there are increased risks for real estate professionals. And we’ve uncovered more of them in looking specifically at Nevada. In this webinar, attorney…

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aerial view of Denver, Colorado city view

CRES Risk Management Webinar: Owner Licensing for Long-Term Rentals – Denver County

Denver City Council recently passed a new bill that imposes licensing restrictions on long-term rental property owners. In this webinar, attorney Anthony Lally from White & Steele, and…

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vacant bedroom with backpack

How to Sell Property Where Squatters Have Lived and Reduce Your Risks

Squatting is the unauthorized use of a property. It’s trespassing without the permission of the landowner, and usually over a significant period of time.  If you’re a real…

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person signing house sale contract with image overlaid of house keychain and keys

CRES Risk Management Webinar: Contingencies, Multiple Offers, Deadlines, and More — Preventing Claims in a Hot Real Estate Seller’s Market

In many markets right now, there's a limited amount of inventory and a surging demand for property. In this “hot seller’s market” with fast-moving properties, real estate professionals…

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team meeting with woman taking notes

How to Support New and Inexperienced Real Estate Licensees to Minimize Risk Exposure

In 2020, 17% of all real estate licensees had less than one year of experience, according to the NAR. You have to start somewhere, and recruiting and training…

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open house sign on sidewalk

Updated Guidelines in California for Real Estate Open Houses – May 2021

On May 12, 2021, the California Dept. of Public Health (CDPH) updated its guidance on open houses to allow in-person showings of properties, such as open houses.  The guidance…

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pool water with pink round float

Selling a Home with an Above-Ground Pool

Swimming pools are becoming more popular as families look for recreational activities in their own backyard. Since the pandemic, orders for pools have skyrocketed in the United States,…

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Judge signing bill in courtroom with gavel

Denver City Council Bill 21-420 Effect on the Real Estate Market

Recently, the Denver City Council passed Bill 21-0420, which imposes licensing requirements on property owners offering long-term rentals within Denver County. The City Council’s passage of Bill 21-0420…

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woman sitting at laptop doing work

Dealing with Transaction Coordinators

If you’re a busy real estate agent juggling many listings, you may feel overwhelmed by all the complex legal paperwork that comes with transactions. A Transaction Coordinator can…

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team members putting closed fists together over desk with business items

6 Compliance Items to Review to Protect Your Real Estate Brokerage This Year

Now that 2021 is well underway, it’s a good time to review any risks and vulnerabilities within your business. Here are 6 things that every broker should review…

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man filling out application paperwork at a desk

Proper Screening of Tenant Applicants in California by a Landlord or Property Manager

A landlord or his or her property manager in California at most can charge a potential tenant fifty- dollars and ninety-four cents ($50.94) as an application fee where…

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aerial view of real estate in a city

Pitfalls for Colorado Brokers in a Seller’s Real Estate Market

Colorado is experiencing unprecedented market conditions that favor sellers of real property. The heavily favorable sellers’ real estate market is due to a combination of factors, including the…

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kitchen faucet with water coming out of it

How to Help Your Buyers Avoid Post-Winter Water Damaged Homes

There have been some harsh weather conditions across several states in America this winter, especially in places like Colorado. This not only takes its toll on residents, but…

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rectangular table in office space with empty chair surrounding it

CRES Risk Management Webinar: Understanding Obligations and E&O Issues for Real Estate Brokers

In this webinar, Mark Carlson, attorney from Carlson Law Group and Dave Miller, Regional Vice-President with Fidelity National Home Warranty, discuss real estate broker obligations. They provide valuable…

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law gavel, books, and scale on desk

Tips and Pointers for Professional Property Managers in Colorado

Property Manager experience: The leasing and management of real estate for a fee or compensation requires a real estate broker license and must be conducted through a licensed…

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law gavel with law book on desk

California Escrow Risk Management Protocols

Over the years, I have seen an increase in claims and litigation arising out of the way an escrow was handled ranging from wire fraud transfer of funds,…

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Five business professionals sitting around conference table having a discussion

Real Estate Brokers: How to Communicate With Your Agents About Seller’s E&O

As a real estate professional, you know the importance of errors and omissions (E&O) insurance. It’s professional liability insurance that protects you and your team against potential lawsuits. …

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