Building Permit History Reports

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Claim Prevention E&O Toolkit: Tools to Avoid a Real Estate Lawsuit

When does real estate E&O insurance protect you far beyond the typical policy?  When the E&O insurance actually helps you every day — with access to claim prevention resources to help you avoid a claim, not just cover it after the fact. But what’s in that claim prevention toolkit? How do you access and useRead More

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Permit History Reports: A Tool to Prevent Real Estate Lawsuits?

You may have discovered that Permit History Reports can be difficult for real estate agents to access.   Typically, you have to  check with city and county offices depending on the type of work done.  This can be so time-consuming for a busy agent that it may seem impractical to generate your own Permit History Reports.Read More

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Be Your Buyer’s Hero With Building Permit History Reports

One in five claims against real estate professionals is the result of a permit issue. One. In. Five. While not all of these claims can be prevented, a massive portion can be avoided by simply running a CRES Building Permit History Report. So what is stopping the client–or you–from doing so? A Building Permit HistoryRead More

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Three Products That Close More Clients for Real Estate Professionals

Clients have a vast array of information now available at their fingertips. You need to set yourself apart and add value and insight not available on the web. Clients need to know they’re in the best of hands.  So how do you inspire confidence? Here are three unique ways to stand out in your clients’Read More

Disclaimers, waivers, and COVID-19 related clauses are becoming more common in real estate contracts to help minimi… Get some tips and learn about the risks of selling real estate in Qualified Opportunity Zones.