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Three Products That Close More Clients for Real Estate Professionals

Clients have a vast array of information now available at their fingertips. You need to set yourself apart and add value and insight not available on the web. Clients need to know they’re in the best of hands.  So how do you inspire confidence? Here are three unique ways to stand out in your clients’ minds.

Show Your Buyers and Sellers Building Permit History Reports

You can now easily show buyers or sellers the presence (or absence) of permits on property improvements with CRES Building Permit History Reports.

Your buyers will be interested in a Building Permit History Report to review improvements and conditions about the property that might not be evident from just a walk through or property inspection.

A seller will want a Building Permit History Report to show potential buyers that improvements done were permitted. In situations where the seller has not obtained permits, a Building Permit History Report can reduce potential liability, because it will document that the buyers knew about the status of the property prior to closing. A Building Permit History Report can also help to confirm that upgrades are up to code.

Whether you’re representing the buyer or the seller, you have potential liability. We’ve found that one in five E&O claims is related to permitting issues. When you secure a Building Permit History Report for a property, you’re better protected from claims while providing highly useful information to your client.

CRES Permit History Reports include:

  • Over 90 million records obtained by direct, onsite inspection sources.
  • Full data: Incomplete permits, contractor name (if any), description of work including roof, pool, water/fire repairs, septic/sewer, etc.
  • Available for both residential and commercial properties
  • $2,500 retention (out-of-pocket claims expense) reduction for CRES E&O policyholders when a report is given to the buyer prior to the close.

Attract More Listings with Seller’s E&O Insurance

Mention that you include Seller’s E&O Protection Plan with every listing — and watch the calls and emails from potential sellers pour in.  You’ll stand out among other agents and brokers, and you’ll get more listings!  (Your CRES Errors and Omissions policy may include Seller’s E&O, or it may be an option you can add for a minimal fee, usually about $5.  If you attract one more listing because of Seller’s E&O, the commission will pay your E&O for the entire year.)

Seller’s E&O Insurance covers your client up to $25,000 in the case of a disgruntled buyer.  The plan covers your client up to 180 days from the close of escrow and can be extended by the seller for an additional 180 days.

It’s unique coverage, because there isn’t any E&O as part of a homeowner’s insurance policy. You can show potential sellers that you want to help protect their equity in the event that a buyer files a claim.

It also helps protect you because if your seller is sued by the buyer, many sellers then sue their agent.

A Seller’s E&O Insurance policy can be just what a potential client needs to commit to giving you the listing. (And you can add to that coverage, with a CRES Qualified Home Warranty below.*)

Give Your Seller a  CRES Qualified Home Warranty

Listings with Home Warranties sell faster and for more money.

When you use a CRES Qualified Home Warranty, your seller receives Maximum Seller Protection — with up to $50,000 in Seller’s E&O coverage.

Home warranties work best when they’re tailored to the client and transaction—it’s never a one-size-fits-all.  That’s why CRES has partnered with three leading home warranty companies to offer you the home warranty protection your clients need.

Each warranty offers coverage not normally found, including 13-months of coverage and optional structural coverage.*

As an individual agent, you cannot guarantee everything will be perfect. But you can show your clients that you’re doing everything in your power to take the best care of them. And that means showing them protection and options that you alone can offer them — as a CRES E&O insurance client.

*Read each policy for a full comparison of coverage and benefits. All coverage is subject to Underwriting and other qualifications. Seller’s E&O coverage and other benefits are feature based and warranty specific. These benefits are offered by, and intended for, the members of RESCRPG. Not available in all states. Certain restrictions apply.

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