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Top 7 Characteristics of Successful Real Estate Professionals

There’s an abundance of books and websites dedicated to the perfect formula for success. Some business gurus focus on networking, others claim daily habits are the way, and even more that insist on complicated formulas, charts and lofty quarterly goals. There are even some that claim you can ‘think’ your way to success.

The variety of solutions speaks to the fact that each industry has it’s own particular habits and needs. Moreover, every person is different and one single approach may not work for everyone. So what of the real estate industry? What are the top characteristics of successful real estate professionals in the 21st century, gurus aside?

  1. They are tech and digital marketing savvy—and are quick about it

In 2015 Keller Williams conducted a study that found that 68% of all new agents are under the age of 35 and 32% are under 25. That is a generation of professionals who grew up with technology and are not afraid to use it. Because of this buyers and sellers now expect to see their agent or broker use every bit of technology at hand while at the same time being available almost 24/7.

Searching neighborhood information on the fly or school statistics from your mobile phone when meeting with a prospect or client can help you close the deal more quickly. Content marketing, blogs, personal emails, social network marketing—clients are looking at this all. Look to firms like Mailchimp or Constant Contact who can help you get started.

If you are feeling that tech savvy is a blind spot for you just download one app or service you think would be most helpful and play with it in your spare time. A client who doesn’t feel that you are using all the tech tools available will quickly find someone to replace you. For more, check out our App Roundup.

  1. They have a strong mental state

Real estate is hard. It’s an all-in industry and the stress level can get pretty high. Successful real estate professionals know this and are able to manage that stress in healthy ways. It takes practice and mental fortitude to ‘leave the stress at the desk’, but it’s also essential. Start an exercise routine, begin doing a daily meditation, join a real estate agent mastermind or support group—do whatever it is you need to do to keep your focus on the next step and feel clear-headed and refreshed. As put by Anne Lamott, “Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.”

  1. They know their market well and how to stay current

You cannot do this job without a map, and that map is market knowledge. Know the demographics of the neighborhoods you work in and plan to work it. Apps like Zillow and Trulia are most commonly used by buyers and sellers and contain vital statistics like taxes, school district ratings, and projected home values.  Without accurate market knowledge you cannot guide yourself or your clients, plain and simple.

  1. Lay off the schmaltz

Clients can smell the ‘used car salesman’ a mile away, and it’s a huge turn off. Be authentic. Be yourself. Any successful real estate professional who has been in the business for a while will tell you that authenticity and honesty will help establish a beneficial working relationship with your clients far better that trying too hard to please. If you get nervous talking to large groups or even just a new set of clients, get involved with your local Toast Masters to build your confidence and success rate.

  1. They get the right coverage

If it’s important and vital, you insure it. Successful real estate professionals know that one bad claim can bring everything they have worked for crashing down. They get the right E&O insurance, access to best legal advice, and never hesitate to consult professionals who can tell if they are covered. For more information on insurance services, check out

  1. Networking is their thing

Beyond the digital marketing and tech use, successful real estate agents will hit the real world for face-to-face marketing on a regular basis. Social groups like Rotary International and young professionals networks are great ways to interact and form professional or even personal friendships with other businessmen and women in your area. Neighborhood meetings and local events like fairs and expos are also a great way to get out there to personally introduce yourself to the community. The more connections, the better. If you are looking for a group to join or attend, try MeetUp to access a calendar of events in your area.

  1. They never quit

It seems simple, but it’s the battle cry of the most successful real estate professionals in the industry: NEVER QUIT. Is your digital marketing campaign lacking? Retool it. Did your presentation at the local community fall short? Try again. Are you on house number 25 for your picky buyers? Keep going. Success means being undeterred, no matter what.

What has worked for you as a successful real estate professional? Are there any missteps in your past that you learned from? Tell us in the comments below!



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